Night Light Settings on Your Computer
All computer monitors emanate light which hits our eyes all the time. Prolonged usage could tire our eyes. Besides, after sunset, the blue light emanating from the monitor could even impact our eyes adversely. Windows 10 allows us to change our display settings to reduce the strain on our eyes.
On any blank area of the desktop, right click with your mouse and then select Display Settings. In the Find a Setting box on the top left, just type Night Light and select the item displayed for Night Light. The Night Light settings will be displayed. Here, you can turn Night Light on or off manually. You may also select the strength or intensity of the light when the Night Light is on, based on your comfort level. 
If you wish to automate the process, you could set the time when Night Light comes on and when it would be turned off. Further, if you switch on your location settings for Windows, the system will automatically turn it on at sunset time and turn it off at sunrise.
If you are using an Apple computer, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, then click Night Shift. Select Manual to turn on Night Shift. Night Shift remains on until the next day or until you turn it off. To turn it off, deselect Manual.
Pretty cool and comfy!
4 weeks ago
Something very useful information after lot of months from the Author. Better than only sharing info on apps.
4 weeks ago
good information. Thanks !!
anirban taran
4 weeks ago
Similar feature can also be turned on in mobile devices though the name of the feature might vary slightly
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