New look benefits from Indian Airlines for frequent flyers

Jet, Air India and Go Air have made changes to their frequent flyer programmes to benefit their flyers. For the frequent traveller, it is these perks that keep them loyal to a particular airline. Make the most out of these while it lasts

Various domestic airlines have been making changes to their frequent flyer programmes recently, and most of these are adding some more visible benefits for their flyers.  To promote a loyal customer base, one low-cost carrier launched its own loyalty program. Let’s take a look at some of these new benefits on offer by various airlines. 

Jet Airways Jet Privilege:  Jet Airways’ loyalty program has over a million JP (Jet Privilege) members over the years. While they were on a cost-cutting spree most of last year, a lot of benefits begin to go off for frequent flyers. But it now looks like Jet Airways is trying to make up to them in bits and pieces. 

Effective 25th March, Jet Airways has increased the number of miles one can earn on the domestic flights with Jet Airways. Earlier, all international flights used to earn 100% miles (based on distance) but domestic flights did not. So, if you are a frequent domestic traveller, now you can look forward to building the same mileage balances by flying Mumbai to Delhi or anywhere else the airline flies. Even on its sister airline Jet Konnect, all flights will now earn 75% miles. So, for a 705 miles flight from Mumbai to Delhi or back, you should see 705 miles in your frequent flyer account. Earlier, if you were on a very cheap fare, you could expect to get 142 miles at best! So, massive improvement has been accomplished in this department. 

Not just that, the airline is offering a discount of 20% on redeeming their miles on Jet Airways’ and Jet Konnect domestic segments. This means, if it earlier cost 10,500 miles for an economy seat between Mumbai and Delhi, till 30th September, you can have these economy seats for 8,400 JP miles only.  The limited time discount is also available on Business Class seating. 

Air India Flying Returns: On the other hand, Air India’s program was being run like a bureaucratic fiefdom for so long. So, everyone was a member but the only way to become a privileged member over the years and get frequent flyer benefits was to know someone in the airline. The changes are stark. You can now hope to get benefits for being an honest frequent flyer, as well.  If you fly 25,000 miles in a year, you become a Silver, Gold for 50,000 miles of flying and a member of the Maharaja Club if you fly 75,000 miles in a year. Benefits include excess baggage allowance and vouchers to upgrade you on flights, bringing the program in line with other frequent flyer programs. 

Go Air Go Club: GoAir has recently entered the loyalty arena trying to get a bunch of loyal travellers, and has called it GoClub. The program is very simple. If you join GoClub on GoAir’s website, then you start earning points for every ticket you purchase directly from GoAir. In return, you’ll be able to get discount vouchers for further GoAir tickets, and get upgrades in GoAir’s version of their business class. You also get access to GoAir’s lounges at various airports across the country. 

For the frequent traveller, it is these perks that keep them loyal to a particular airline. Make the most out of these while it lasts.  

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1 decade ago
Redeeming AI Miles is a pain with their online reservation for buy tickets from your miles NEVER working.
Their customer executive not being aware about documents required to puck up blocked tickets etc etc.
It a pathetic system end to end - seems to be a century old system
1 decade ago
What is use of being loyal customer if portal sells tickets cheaper than available on company's website? happnes with KF, spicejet and go air..
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