Needed: Election Manifesto for the 80 million Disabled Citizens
Indians with disability have been ignored for too long.
We as a community of 80 million people demand that each of the parties standing for the forthcoming elections must mention in measurable terms, with specific timelines, what exactly they will do for the people with disabilities.
Taxes of all types are being imposed on us but they do not translate into a better quality of life. Government offices, schools, colleges, hospitals and public places do not provide disabled-friendly access. Almost each state doles out a paltry sum in the name of monthly pensions.
Do the ministers and officials holding high posts even know anything about disability and the struggle we and our family members and care givers go through to survive in our country? 
Rehabilitation of the disabled is as good as non-existent. 
I remember in 1997, two years after my paragliding accident and permanent, incurable spinal cord injury, I developed a pressure sore in my right ankle. I could not put on my socks or callipers and was home bound for four months as healing of a spinal cord injury is a slow process and the wound has to be exposed to air. Feeling intensely patriotic, I readily agreed  when my friend Satish Kulkarni, assisted by his nephew, offered to carry me down the first floor flight of stairs so that I could visit the polling station in a school nearby. Imagine, with no sensation in my feet, a huge risk in itself, braving the stones, pebbles, dust and the hot footpath, I was carried down and driven in his car and walked barefoot to cast my vote. I felt very proud that I went that extra mile, risking my health to go for voting. 
Since then, each year, ramp or no ramp, I have, with great hope always exercised my franchise, thanks to my supportive family. 
As an Indian with a physical disability I have been carried up and down the stairs in the past 23 years in a shamefully undignified manner almost everywhere. Because I wanted to move on with my life, experiencing as full a life as possible!
Sadly, for all my patriotism, the taxes that I pay regularly as an honest citizen and the pride of being an Indian, I have not seen much visible change over the years.
For any little change that there has been for the disabled in and around me, it has been solely due to my own explanation, brainpower, time, resources and effort. . 
People call us inspiring and motivational, unaware that we and our families have to work twice as hard to exist and survive. Despite the optimistic outlook, disillusionment has set in. Actually no one cares about us.
The people in the government entrusted to make our lives easier by providing us with the basic minimum infrastructure, technology and positive attitudes, seem to be busy with other pressing matters. Forever. Always.
Enough is enough. We have been taken for a ride for too long. We are now exhausted in this long journey. 
When one can make elections accessible by harnessing resources in such a short period pan India then show us a real positive change NOW. 
I would propose that each constituency make their government buildings, schools, colleges, hospitals, public transport, washrooms and sports facilities disabled friendly before the elections. Prove to us that each of the political parties truly acknowledges and cares for our existence.
Each party’s manifesto must mention 10 measurable points with finite timelines by a specific task force that they will execute in finite days, months. 
Each party and the individual standing for elections must mention a mobile number, email id and website where grievances by Indians with disability can be sent before the elections so that we can check the veracity of your trust. All pending petitions, appeals concerning the disabled must be cleared before these elections. 
You want our vote.
We want our dignity. 
(Dr Ketna L Mehta is Founder Trustee of Nina Foundation that serves in the rehabilitation of economically and socially disadvantaged friends with spinal cord injuries. She is also Editor of ‘One World’.  Email- [email protected],
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    Shirish Sadanand Shanbhag

    5 months ago

    Thank you, Dr. Ketana ji, for your incessant efforts to help spinal cord injury disabled persons.

    I request you to keep in touch with all the hospitals, Government and Private, who treat patients for spinal cord injured patients, to get them rehabilitation from you.

    Mahesh S Bhatt

    6 months ago

    Virali Modi brave Indian girl wanted Indian Railways platforms to be disabled friendly in right spirits but Bibek Roy has opened up new corruptions doors like BMC Roads after 200 years potholed and created broken tiles on Dadar / Bandra/Thane stations for more commuters to be having twisted foot/broken anklesWe need bridges when 22 die in Parel 2 bridges come up in 6 months Thanks to Army & corrupt IR Managers who create and upload foot bridge tender hours before the tradegy IT corrected by morraly shameless reality No convictions Rs 5lac compensation Mahesh Bhatt

    Sunil shenava

    6 months ago

    At least someone cares...

    Madhu K R V

    6 months ago

    Thank you Dr Ketna L Mehta , yes we need above state things and change in politician and people and the Civil engineers attitude towards future constructions and modification to the existing one.

    Fires Due to Short Circuits Are Not an Act of God
    Last week saw more fires in Mumbai and elsewhere. The catch word, in all cases, was 'Short Circuit'. But short circuits are not an ACT OF GOD. They are man-made, involving carelessness, negligence, monetary shortcuts and blatant flouting of the rules, sheer recklessness. The truth is that there is no need for a single short circuit to occur; and when there is one, investigators must examine whether a charge of probable homicide, without actual intent, can be charged on the person responsible. Even if there is 'misfeasance' or ‘non-feasance’. Is there a dilution of a duty of care?
    Technically speaking, an electrical short-circuit occurs when two live electrical wires come in contact with each other. The immediate effect is to blow a fuse and save the building as well as lives. Yet, this is more often not the case.
    A fuse is not for show. 
    Here we need to know a little bit about the ‘FUSE’. A fuse is short-form for ‘fusible wire’. This wire is very thin and is, usually, a mixture (alloy) of two or more metals. It is designed to burn up (fuse) when heated. So, when an electrical system fails, either due to overloading or faulty equipment, the fuse itself ‘blows’.
    Electricity cuts off and lives are saved. In actual practice, however, fuses are either by-passed or over-sized, thereby not doing the job they were meant to.
    An analogy is a water pipe. If the pressure is too high, the pipe bursts. Similarly, if the load on the electrical system is too heavy, the fuse melts, thus avoiding a fire.
    But, if the fuse is replaced by either a thicker wire, or is made redundant by bypassing, the electrical pressure will attack the system elsewhere; the cable coverings will melt and fire will engulf the building.
    The most frequent cause of fires is over-loading. A Mid-Eastern parable will illustrate our point. An Arab merchant would transport hay on his camel’s back. The more hay he carried every trip, the more money he made. So he would load the camel to the limit. One day, he saw a blade of grass on the ground. He did not wish to waste it; so he picked it up. And he put it on the camel. And the camel’s back broke. That one extra sliver of hay did do it in. Hence the saying, ‘The last straw on the camel’s back’.
    All electric systems are designed to take care of a certain number of equipments.
    Say one refrigerator, a TV, 12 lights of 40 watts each, a microwave of 750 watts, an iron, fans, air-conditioners, a stove and OTG, etc. The meter has a limited capacity based on the actual calculated load and the electricity distributor charges accordingly. As time passes, more equipment is added. Geysers, additional air-conditioners, bigger ovens, cold storage facilities, all that prosperity can buy. It all adds up and, if the fuse blows, someone, instead of studying the real problem, blames the fuse as sub-standard. It gets replaced with a larger size. Then one day, the camel’s back breaks. The ensuing havoc kills people.
    People who care, take the necessary precautions. They get a qualified electrical engineer to check the load-bearing capacity. He certifies it or asks for additional cabling and a larger meter, circuit-breakers, safety tripping switches. Yet, this is seldom the case. This critical dependence is placed on the local electrician; actually a fitter at best. It isn’t money saved, it’s an invitation to death. But even as you and I take care, it isn’t enough. Here’s why.
    What about our neighbour? And the other neighbours? In every building or office, in every shop or establishment, 99% of the occupants pay no heed. One is surrounded by lethal installations occupied by uncaring people contracting to incompetent contractors. They put everyone’s life at risk, including that of the person passing by. 
    Cheap equipment is used. Thin-gauge internal electric cables are installed. Fuses are replaced by thick wires. Concealed wiring is carried out without due ventilation. Earthing is inadequate. Cables are laid below the floor tiles or above flammable false ceilings. Connections are made without connectors. Plugs and sockets used get heated even when within specified limits. Heavy cables are put up in haphazard ways, usually hanging like clothes lines. Workers never seem to use plugs; bare wires are inserted in sockets with matchsticks to wedge them in. A slight spark, with inflammables, like paint vapours or gas close by, can easily cause an explosion. 
    I may take care. After reading this, you too may take care. But what about your neighbour? And mine? Is he going to give a tuppence? 
    We sincerely believe in the dictum that where there is a malady, there has to be a remedy. Some days ago, while walking along Gowalia Tank, one saw fire engines parked below a building. On querying, the reason given was, Yes, a 'Short Circuit'. It involved an office in the building. With the fire brigade station just a hundred metres away, no casualties happened. But it cannot be touch-and-go every time. 
    Short circuits do not just happen. They are caused.
    This brings us to the headline. The law does not wait for a crime to be committed before effecting arrest. Even the intention of criminal activity is enough for the police to swing into action. Is not a 'Short Circuit' prone house, shop or office, or factory, or theatre, any less culpable and dangerous? Shouldn’t possible perpetrators be prosecuted? And, in case of disasters, shouldn’t those responsible be severely punished? Is the causing of death, multiple deaths, just to save a few rupees, not a 'murderous' activity? And, if the laws are in place, isn’t implementation needed? And fast.
    Now, the question that remains: Who will bell that cat?
    (The authors are both advocates with the Bombay High Court.)
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    Bapoo Malcolm

    7 months ago

    We are trying to arrange a seminar. have already got in touch with the BEST.

    Meenal Mamdani

    7 months ago

    Very apt. The question is how does one get the people to pay heed. The householder always thinks his house is fine and it is the others who need to have their house fixed.

    I had suggested the following as a comment to a previous article on the same subject.

    BEST should distribute information about this problem to all its customers along with the monthly electric bill.

    Then it should use a carrot and stick approach to get the consumers to have the wiring in their house inspected by a licensed electrician and on submission of that certificate to BEST, she/he should be rewarded with a one time reduction in their monthly bill.

    The stick should be a monthly fine for those who fail to submit such a certificate in a reasonable period of time.

    Yes, Indians with their well known ingenuity will find ways to get around this and the illegal connections will of course not use this remedy. But at least the law abiding citizens, who are at risk of a short circuit because of ignorance, will heed the warning and will be saved.

    Rather than look for a perfect remedy it would be sensible to start with a good enough one and tweak it as more information becomes available.


    S A Narayan

    In Reply to Meenal Mamdani 7 months ago

    good suggestion

    shadi katyal

    7 months ago

    A nation with little or no technical knowledge who claims that during Vedic age they had all these technologies have so much laziness that it is easy to blame on God. God gave us a brain to learn but we are brainwashed with everything religious.
    The very fact that with no know-how and lack of any replacement of old wires and overloading the system, when such incident happens we look at God.
    We are unable to understand what causes such shortcircuits and damage such fires cost,we instead of earning the reason we blame God.
    Why a simple knowledge cannot be furnished to everyone when meters are installed or some information on the bill?

    Owners Beware When Selling Your Vehicle
    It is every person’s dream to own a vehicle. These days, easy availability of credit makes the fulfilment of this dream fairly easy. But a car is a depreciating asset and every user may want to trade up to a better car, or to simply replace a well-used vehicle, after a period.
    The process of selling a car involves finding a buyer, either online or through an intermediary, and...
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