Narendra Modi the Master Communicator

Narendra Modi set twitter records


Prime minister (PM) Narendra Modi is now acknowledged as a master communicator.


His massive electoral victory was a powerful and carefully choreographed multi-dimensional effort, but his big initial breakthrough was in bypassing a hostile mainstream media and reaching out to people directly through social media.

The PM is now using the very same tools to win friends and followers globally with spectacular results, so much so that his tweets to heads of State or the people of Japan (in Japanese) are rewriting the rule book for diplomacy.

After his 100 days in office, Twitter put out a blog post noting some of the new records set by Mr Modi. It says, @narendramodi is the second most followed politician in the world after US President Barak Obama on Twitter. Mr Modi’s election victory tweet, “India has won” (in Hindi and English) is the most re-tweeted tweet (70,620 times) of all times from India.
Today, following @narendramodi and @PMOIndia has become a necessity for diplomats, journalists, companies and policy-makers, since Twitter remains the primary communication tool of India’s prime minister. Given India’s population and the continuous accretion to the number of people acquiring smart phones, mobile connectivity and access to social media, it is only a matter of time before Narendra Modi becomes the most followed politician in the world.

Bankimchandra Desai
8 years ago
NaMo's Secrets :
NaMo has literally laid siege on media with whose active support he created a mirage of NaMo wave. Media is yet to decipher this Gujarat model! There is one dictum ,"use & throw" that media is yet to experience fully. Media & media persons have to learn the art of not being used and then being thrown away. Till the ascent of NaMo @PMOIndia , media and media persons often succeeded in manipulating chief ministers and prime ministers to their requirements. Politicians were easy ploys. In turn politicians too manipulated media persons having corrupt inbuilt desires for wealth, wine and women ! Politicians as they are often took services of crony capitalists to invest on media and media persons. The dirty nexus or trio ruined India's journalism and journalists. The proprietors of media used their employees as contact persons to serve their ulterior motives in revenues in the forms of government advertisements, imported news print, realty dealings, often criminal activities like running a chit fund or rackets in stock market. The complete circle can not encircle NaMo because he has understood thoroughly all the secrets of strengths (sic) and weaknesses of media and media persons. He would prefer to rely on PR agency located abroad to sub serve his national and international PR needs. i don't see any media baron (sic) and media person in India who can stand with erect spine and talk to him eye to eye. NaMo knows how to handle them to his best benefits.
With the progress of social media and knowing well its importance NaMo has mastered its techniques too. He has a battery of loyal IT experts paid by/from unknown source/s. These professionals create a mirage of number of followers on Twitter ,Facebook and other such handles. It is easy, cheap, convenient ,ready at/on hand to communicate through this medium. Whatever news or no news can be generated in only 140 characters. The most of the rulers of the world are almost proxy rulers and rely upon secretaries and assistants to prepare publicity materials. This man, NaMo has concentrated all the powers of government and governance in himself so the others have to look at him for everything.
There is hardly any prime minister or president or head of state having no family or children or a woman friend having all assets of womanhood! Few of the rulers have more than one lady ,the other (spare wheel) in some hotel or guest house or resort on permanent basis.The 'other' remains always, the person might be different replacements. NaMo has all Indians as his only siblings and India is his home i.e PROPERTY !
There is hardly any politician, government officer, industrialist, media person, judge, advocate ,doctor or public figure who has NO"family worries & tensions" . NaMo is FREE from it. Other's weaknesses are his STRENGTHS much liked by the worst critic like me.
Media and media persons have to learn to live and sustain without politics, if they decide to boycott NaMo. Can you ever imagine any media without politics and films ? NaMo knows this very well. So he manipulated everyone with TWITTER.
If one likes or dislikes him that hardly is a matter of concern for him. He will have scores of ever disposables like Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani to supply black money 1 If he decides to go transparent by abolishing 60:40 and black money generated from it to be stored mainly in /within India,no one EXCEPT GOD can remove him from the highest seat @PMOIndia !
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