Mumbai gets flooded before Monsoon hits!
Moneylife Digital Team 12 June 2014

Even before the Monsoons arrive in Mumbai, the flooded coastal roads are a warning shot for the municipal corporation-BMC

The sun is still out in full force, only a few dark clouds are visible, on their way North. Only a few pre-monsoon drizzles have yet fallen on Mumbai, barely giving respite from the sweltering heat. But familiar monsoon sights have already arrived.


Earlier on Thursday, coastal roads stretching from Mahim and Dadar upto Worli were flooded with water after a burgeoning high tide choked the drainage system. Roads were littered with plastic and garbage thrown back by the sea. According to the India Meteorological Deapartment (IMD), the high tide at 4.56 meters hit the shore at 11.30am and as per the forecast there would be a bigger high tide on Friday measuring close to 4.79 meters.

Like every year, the BMC promised a flood-free Monsoon, but this may render the claims hollow. Mumbai had suffered one of its worst flooding on 26 July 2005. This led the MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) to institute the BRIMSTOWAD (Brihanmumbai Storm Water Drains) project. This project was scheduled to complete in 2015 with a plan of setting of eight pumping stations. As of today only two of these eight stations have been set up and two more are in the pipeline.

It wouldn't come as a surprise to Mumbaikars that the project will miss its deadline and be another feather in the delays cap of the Municipal Corporation. Mumbai is still operating with colonial era drainage systems which are a disaster waiting to happen because of their sheer age.

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G Pal
7 years ago
How I wish we had waves of water coming in from the Gomti River all over Lucknow to save the people from the sweltering heat of 45 degrees Celsius.
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