MLM company MAXFOREX alters name and website without informing its ‘investors’
Moneylife Digital Team 21 October 2010

MLM company MAXFOREX has changed its name and website to ‘Dream Worldwide’, leaving many of its 'investors' high and dry

In May, Moneylife had reported on how a multi-level marketing (MLM) company was offering 'trading' in foreign exchange through a high-risk investment module.

Maximus Trades Inc (MAXFOREX), a Mauritius-based company, has now closed down its earlier website and opened a business under a new name, 'Dream Worldwide Inc'. The 'investors' who have been duped are now planning to join hands to nail the company.

All the details that MAXFOREX carried on its earlier site ( have been replicated on the new site ( However, in its new avatar, the company is claiming that it trades in real estate and diamonds - besides forex. All the information that was there on the erstwhile MAXFOREX site - founders, offices and the business model - are the same. Just the moniker has changed.

What could have forced the company to change its name and website all of a sudden? There has been an upsurge in complaints about MAXFOREX all over the Internet, as well as the reports that Moneylife has carried. Even, the site that tracks spam and scams on the Internet, has labelled MAXFOREX as a Ponzi scheme and provided the MLM company's bank account details. According to the website, MAXFOREX had an account (28037304495) with Barclays Bank at Mauritius under the name of Maximus Trade Incorporation.

For both and, the domain registrar is Ranger Registration (Madeira) LLC. Even the status of both the sites on is the same - "clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited" is what the site throws up.

Another company, Royal Forex Trading Ltd, which claims to offer trading in forex and commodities, has now surfaced. Royal Forex plans to focus only on the US and India. It claims to offer 1% return per day on an 'investment' of $20 to $99 for 200 working days. The higher your 'investment', the more will be your returns (3.5% per day for a plan of $2,000 to $10,000 for 60 working days). In addition, it also offers 'rewards' (mobile phones, cars) on business worth $5,000 and above. However, it also fails to specify or clarify how it manages to offer such returns.

1 decade ago
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1 decade ago
manoj sharma
1 decade ago
i'm looking which s best investment ?
1 decade ago
sandip kumar pradhan
1 decade ago
please send latest position of the
Hira Nand Pandey
1 decade ago
Maxforex should transfer their old accounts on its new website. This will be in the favour of the company to work more in future. Now maxforex has earned more money from this business. This is not good for its future planing. Is there any way to get the money back from maxforex ?. Maxforex should repply their all customers on their website address.
1 decade ago its working new site for india
Replied to messanger comment 1 decade ago
when this site will be in operation. please reply about this.
Ashwani Kumar
Replied to messanger comment 1 decade ago
Please reply me how many days to work on
Replied to messanger comment 1 decade ago
It doesn't open

Pls clearify,,
pramod gaur
1 decade ago
could u pls tell me about current status
Replied to pramod gaur comment 1 decade ago
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Dinesh Singh
1 decade ago
Pls tell from when the MAXFOREX will start working....

Replied to Dinesh Singh comment 1 decade ago
All of you peoples invested with this company Please be patient and wait till the end of your life to start MAXFOREX working again....
1 decade ago
i can not understand what is happened with side
sukhjeet singh
1 decade ago
max chala ge
sandhu 32 m.l
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kya chalega max kab
1 decade ago
plz tell me wht happend wth maxforex and how much tme towork start
Ashwani Kumar
Replied to monika comment 1 decade ago
Hello Monika, someone said, is new site of Have u any news plz. tell me. Thanx & Regards
1 decade ago website is not open,why?
Ashwani Kumar
1 decade ago
I don't know what happened in But site name is change now new name is Before 2-3 days, I open new site but now new site is not opened. If u have any information plz. write me. Thanx
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