Minerals For All, another MLM, offering single remedy for all diseases!
Minerals For All is yet another MLM hard selling ‘concentrated mineral water products’ as the single remedy for all diseases and promises high returns to its marketing agents. Only issue is the water it claimes to procure from the US is just the saltiest water
Minerals For All (MFA), a multi-level marketing (MLM) company is luring people with the fanciful claim of fostering India's biggest health revolution through the use of 'concentrated mineral water' allegedly collected from the 'Salt Lake of Utah' in the US. Making such a claim falls foul of the Drugs & Magic Remedies Act, however, since it ensnares people through the MLM route with high incentives to agents, it has managed to fly below the radar of most regulators. 
The products are sold by mfadirect.com, owned by Itspossbile Marketing Ltd, a New Delhi-based marketing firm. Like all MLMs, its sale of products is combined with the 'promised' lucrative income opportunities through distributorship, franchise and direct marketing options. It offers 10% to 30% commissions (as mentioned on its website) exciting prices, preferred customer rewards and bonus for building marketing network.
The website claims that US-based Mineral Resources International (MRI) manufactures these products and mines mineral water from the 'Salt Lake of Utah'. Itspossible Marketing claims to be an exclusive distributor of these products.
MFA’s website mineralsforall.com also promotes products from another website called mfadirect.com and provides details on how one can join, become a member and start earning. 
A simple reading of the site makes the MLM pitch very clear. It says, “We feel that nature has given us amazing simple ways to fulfil nutrition needs let us lead a healthy life and our product range offers natural products with simple rationale but excellent results. Therefore we want to reach out to as many households as possible and offer them our product to achieve a better health; considering this fact we want to spread our reach not only to all major four metros but will dig into tier one, tier two cities and also to remote villages with an aggressive expansion plan. If you have entrepreneur zeal our business model will give wings to your business ambitions, contact us and one of our associate will explain you in details.”
Those who are tempted by its claims must also notice the fine print that absolves it of responsibility. It reads, “Company does not provide any guarantee of earnings neither it gives any money on recruitment of distributors. Incentives can only be earned by independent representatives/ distributors of the company by affecting the sales of products.”
The MLM claims that most diseases are due to mineral deficiency, which can be overcome by using its  'concentrated mineral water'  (Anderson's CMD also know as MRI CMD, Precious Waters, Elete Electrolyte) by adding it to water to cure major diseases like arthritis, cancer and diabetes.
In an email, Vipin Rohila, director and chief executive of MFA Marketing Pvt Ltd said, "Please note that the Company has clearly mentioned on all of its Marketing Brochures, website or packaging and label itself that 'Anderson’s CMD is not a drug. Not for medicinal use. No approved therapeutic claims'."

However, at the same time the company again tried to tell us, through the email, about the 'benefits' of their product. "Since our diet is nutritionally deficient therefore it is bound to be deficient in essential minerals and trace elements and since our product offers a natural composition of minerals found and prepared be Mother Nature in Great Salt Lake water, it helps replenish the deficiency of various minerals in today’s diet. Therefore it can be concluded that though we do not sell Anderson’s CMD as a medicine to cure one or more diseases but it has been observed that with regular usage some people have noticed benefits in their various health problems, which is a clear indication of improved general well being," Rohila added.

He also claimed that the company has received product approval from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) as mineral supplement.
Now, let’s check some facts about the Great Salt Lake from where the company claims to source its products. The Great Salt Lake, located in the northern part of the US state of Utah, is the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere. In an average year the lake covers an area of around 4,400 sq km but the lake's size fluctuates substantially due to its shallowness.
According to Wikipedia, the salinity of the lake's main basin, Gilbert Bay, is highly variable and depends on the lake's level; it ranges from 5 to 27% (50 to 270 parts per thousand). For comparison, the average salinity of the world ocean is 3.5% (35 parts per thousand) and 33.7% in the Dead Sea. The ionic composition is similar to seawater, much more so than the Dead Sea's water; compared to the ocean; Great Salt Lake's waters are slightly enriched in potassium and depleted in calcium.
 In short, there is no 'mineral water' in the Great Salt Lake, and its water is the most saltier than ocean. Same goes for mineral deposits as well. So be aware, there is no 'one shot' cure for any diseases by using the 'mineral water' from this lake as claimed by Minerals For All and its agents. 
Moneylife has written several articles on frauds that lure people by floating various MLM and frequently warned investors that “If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.” This is clearly another in the same category. Moneylife investigated this company when a worried reader wrote to ask us to investigate the company. 


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    5 years ago

    You have always been in the forefront of bringing to light such shady companies.
    All the best in your efforts.

    Also look at http://www.Adooye.com which is again a MLM promising huge money in 140 days just for watching ads!!

    please take up this company through your grinder and save gullible people from losing their hard earned money>

    All four involved in attack on Indian consulate in Afghanistan killed
    All the four gunmen, who had stormed the Indian consulate in Afghanistan's Herat province early Friday, have been gunned down
    Gunmen armed with heavy weapons including rocket propelled grenades on Friday attacked the Indian Consulate in Afghanistan's Herat province. All the diplomatic staff were safe.
    All the four gunmen, who had stormed the Indian consulate in Afghanistan's Herat province early today, have been gunned down, Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) chief Subhas Goswami said. 
    In a pre-dawn assault, the gunmen attacked the building which houses the residence of Consulate General, Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Amar Sinha said, adding that there were nine Indians in the mission apart from local Afghans. 
    One attacker was killed while climbing the wall to enter the premises of the consulate, Sinha said. 
    The Director General also said that security at the Indian Embassy in Kabul and consulates in Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif and Khandhar besides Herat has been beefed up and a high alert sounded to all Indian assets based across Afghanistan.
    Meanwhile, a spokesperson in the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi said, "India's Consulate in Herat, Afghanistan attacked. Brave ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) personnel and Afghan soldiers rebut attackers. All are safe." 
    "India-Afghanistan officials (were) in touch on attack on India's Consulate in Herat. Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh (was) monitoring (the) situation," the official said. 
    Afghan police officials earlier said gunmen armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades opened fire on the consulate early this morning from a nearby home. One attacker is still firing. 
    No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. 
    Afghanistan has experienced a rise in the Taliban attacks as foreign troops plan to withdraw from the war-torn country by the end of the year. 
    In August last year, a failed bombing against the Indian Consulate in Jalalabad city near the border with Pakistan killed nine people, including six children. No Indian officials were hurt. 
    The Indian Embassy in Kabul was attacked twice in 2008 and 2009 that left 75 people dead. 
    India has invested in some major infrastructure projects in Afghanistan like Salma hydroelectric dam in Herat province and the Afghan parliament building in Kabul. 
    India's development assistance programme for Afghanistan currently stands at $2 billion, making it the leading donor nation among all regional countries.
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    Is UP-based Kalpataru group again collecting money from investors, illegally?
    Mathura-based Kalpataru group's two companies were barred by SEBI for raising money illegally from investors. Yet, the group has floated another similarly named company and is collecting money under its real estate scheme
    Uttar Pradesh-based Kalptaru group is again collecting money from investors through its real estate schemes using a new company. Last year, market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), barred KBCL India Ltd, a unit of Kalpataru group, and its directors from raising money and directed them not to launch any new scheme. However, according to sources, the group is collecting money using its another unit, 
    Kalptaru Buildtech Corp Ltd (KBCL) in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan by promising huge returns upon investing in a plot of land. 
    “The protection of the interest of the investors is the first and foremost mandate and therefore steps have been taken to ensure that the Kalptaru group does not collect further funds under its scheme. However, the mastermind of Kalptaru Group is intentionally switching its illegal collective investment scheme (CIS) business under KBCL India to Kalptaru Buildtech Corp (CIN: U45400UP2009PLC038016) or KBCL. They are using the similarity between the names of KBCL India (which is barred by SEBI) and KBCL and collecting money by creating confusion,” the sources pointed out.
    The sources said, “Kalptaru Buildtech Corp is inviting contributions to invest in equated monthly instalments (EMIs) in land. The investors are being given an option to withdraw from the delivery of land and take their money with promised returns. In other words, this company is conducting CIS activities under the garb of real estate operations. This company raises deposits in the disguise of advances for unknown real estate projects. The weirdest fact in this case is, the investors are not even aware of the location of the plot and are not sure whether the land has been purchased or not by the company. As land is a physical asset, there should always be clear holding to prove ownership. A person can only own the land once physical possession is taken. Promoters of KBCL are allegedly siphoning the monies collected and are using a sales network comprising local persons who are offered hefty commissions. The agents of these companies recruit more agents and they in turn recruit more agents.” 
    Kalptaru group, however, had denied running a CIS without taking permission from SEBI. It states that KBCL India is a public limited, listed company and the group is engaged in construction, development and management of agricultural land, townships, shopping malls and group housing society in various states in India and did not run any collective investment scheme. 
    Last year, SEBI in its order barring KBCL India and the company directors, Rakesh Kumar, Vishvnath Pratap Singh and Shashi Kant Mishra, had said, “KBCL is  prima facie engaged in fund mobilizing activity from the public, by floating/ sponsoring/ launching 'collective investment scheme' as defined in Section 11AA of the SEBI Act without obtaining a certificate of registration from SEBI as required under Section 12(1B) of the SEBI Act and the CIS Regulations.”
    “I find that the instant 'Scheme' offered by KBCL under the guise of 'business of real estate/ sale-purchase' is nothing but a smokescreen for its fund mobilizing activity. I find that such fund mobilizing activity falls within the ambit of 'collective investment scheme' as defined under Section 11AA of the SEBI Act and the same has been carried on by KBCL without due registration from SEBI. In this context, I note that protecting the interests of investors is the first and foremost mandate for SEBI and therefore, steps have to be taken in the instant matter to ensure only legitimate investment activities are carried on by KBCL and no investors are defrauded,” S Raman, Whole Time Member of SEBI said in his order issued on 12 September 2013.  
    SEBI had also asked KBCL India and its directors not to dispose of properties and assets acquired through its CIS and also not to divert the funds raised from such schemes. The company has also been restrained from launching any new schemes.
    However, this was not the first time, the Mathura-based Kalpataru group  faced the wrath of the market regulator. Earlier in 2003, SEBI  debarred  Kalptaru Agro India Ltd (KAIL) and its concerned officials from operating in the capital market for five years for failing to return money to investors as per regulators orders.
    Few months ago, the Bombay High Court restrained Kalptaru Buildtech Corporation from directly or indirectly using the name or mark 'Kalptaru' or any other deceptively similar mark as part of its corporate or trading name. Mumbai-based real estate company, Kalpataru Properties Pvt Ltd  had dragged Kalptaru Buildtech Corp to court for violating its intellectual property rights over its trademark and name. “Kalpataru Properties came across the other company using the name Kalptaru Buildtech Cor Ltd in 2013 and asked it to cease using the name. But since the defendant continued with the use of the same name, the matter landed in court and the court is satisfied that ...the mark is solely and exclusively associated with the Plaintiff (Kalpataru Properties),'' the HC had said in its order.
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