Mindomo: Mind-maps on Your Mobile
If you are a fan of mind-mapping, if you love to capture your thoughts directly on mind-maps, if you wish to synchronise your maps to the cloud from any device, Mindomo is the right tool for you.

You can unleash the power of your ideas with mind-mapping and concept-mapping and turn them into presentations on the fly. Mindomo allows you to create unlimited maps and folders which can be edited, exported and shared. It is available on the cloud at www.mindomo.com. On the mobile, you can work offline and sync when your connection is live. You can collaborate real-time with your colleagues and partners.
You get multiple layouts and ready-to-create templates, to get you started instantly. You can embed images, videos, audios, notes and files directly into the elements of the mind-map. The free version allows you to try and create up to three mind-maps and the reasonably priced paid versions allow you to step up according to your needs. It also offers full history with undo and re-do functions.
A very versatile tool to initiate and grow your mind-mapping journey.
3 years ago
Even SimpleMind app is good. It has desktop version too.
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