Messages About Adding Nominee to a Bank Account Are Fraud, Warns Govt
Moneylife Digital Team 18 January 2021
Cyber Dost, a twitter account managed by the union ministry of home affairs, has warned people about a new scam that informs on adding a nominee to their bank account. “Beware of such spoofed information. Such messages may be trick of cyber criminals to defraud you. Always verify from your bank and avoid clicking on such links (given in the SMS),” it warns. 
Usually when people add a new beneficiary to transfer money, they receive a message stating that they have added a new beneficiary. Of late, a new online banking scam is has come to light. The scam is designed to trick people through a fraudulent text message. The Cyber Dost Twitter account has warned users not to fall for any fraudulent messages. According to the tweet, people should avoid clicking on such messages.
As per the image posted by the Cyber Dost handle, the message says, “Dear XXX customer, you recently added a nominee to your account named XXXXX. You will be able to send funds to this nominee after 30 mins”. 
Timings are also mentioned in the message, which some people may take as an authentic one. Additionally, the message will ask users to log in to their account online using the link given and follow instructions if they have not made any beneficiary.
It is likely that many innocent users can fall for it and log in to their bank account using the link, which could lead to a scam. The government is cautioning people that such messages can be fraudulent and cyber criminals can trick people into this. The government has asked people to avoid clicking any such links and always verify with the bank first before doing anything.
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example of letting high end technology handle by low end merit
Ramesh Popat
2 years ago
i got such message. thanks. will be careful.
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