Medisafe: Take the Right Medicine in the Right Dose
Medisafe is a medicines & pill reminder—if you are on medication and have to juggle and take several medicines daily, this app is for you. If you do not take your medicines in the right dose and the right time, you could be playing a risky game. Protect yourselves and your loved ones by taking your medicines regularly using this app. Millions use Medisafe to stay safe with their medicines and keep track of blood pressure, glucose and other measurements. With Medisafe, you can easily share the results with doctors to track better outcomes, faster.  
You also have the option to read about the side-effects, contra-indications, etc, for the drugs you take, in clear intelligible language. Medisafe is capable of managing drugs for many complex health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It also acts as a perfect companion for those who need a mobile organiser for vitamins, blood pressure medication, glucose level tracking, period tracking, and other health concerns. Medisafe is a MUST HAVE app for anyone who takes medicines, temporarily or permanently.
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