Manmohan Singh asks people to stand up against attitude of disruption
MDT/PTI 07 September 2012

The Opposition chose not to take advantage of the subtle institutional practices dealing with the reports of CAG and insisted on disrupting Parliament, accused the Prime Minister

New Delhi: As turmoil-ridden monsoon session of Indian Parliament ended, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday hit out at main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for "total negation" of democracy and asked people to stand up against such attitude of disruption, warning that it would be a "grave violation" of Parliamentary politics, reports PTI.
He maintained that the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report on coal block allocation should have been discussed in Parliament and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) but the Opposition chose to cause disruptions.
"We have just ended a wasted session of Parliament. Both the Houses were paralysed because CAG has issued a report which rightly or wrongly has certain allegations about public functionaries," Singh told reporters outside Parliament shortly after the end of Monsoon Session.
"We have great respect for the institution of CAG, but if we do respect this institution, we must be willing to debate its finding in PAC or even on the floor of Parliament which we have always been willing," he said.
Without naming BJP, Singh said, "The Opposition chose not to take advantage of the subtle institutional practices dealing with the reports of CAG and insisted on disrupting Parliament. This is negation of democracy." 
He warned that "If this thought process is allowed to gain momentum it will be a grave violation of Parliamentary politics as we have understood." 
Parliament could work only on six out of 19 days of sittings because of BJP's unrelenting demands for resignation of the Prime Minister over the coal block allocation issue besides cancellation of allotments and setting up of independent inquiry.
The Prime Minister said a paralysed Parliament was a "total negation" of the functioning democracy that India is and appealed to the countrymen to stand up unitedly to allow functioning of such democratic institutions.
"I would like my countrymen and countrywomen to make up their mind if this is the right way to serve our functioning democracy. We take pride in the fact that since Independence, we have been a practising and functioning democracy," he said.
"What we have witnessed in this session is a total negation of that and all right thinking people in our country should stand up and unitedly come up in (one) voice that come what may, Parliamentary institutions must be allowed to function with the norms as we have known them since Independence," Singh said.
He said Parliament was not allowed to discuss important issues facing the country like problems of rising communal tensions, regional and ethnic tension, terrorism, and naxalism.
"Parliament should have debated these issues. Parliament was not allowed to discuss these important issues before the country," he said.
Singh said the government was trying to prevent India getting affected by difficulties like recession faced by the global economy.
"Parliament should have discussed these issues. What is our economic strategy to deal with these global developments, Parliament was not allowed to do any of these things," he said.
"The result is Parliament -- a forum where we articulate our peoples' felt needs and felt urges -- was totally paralysed," Singh said.
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We, the people, very much want parliament and all democratic institutions to function smoothly. PM using words like ‘rightly or wrongly’ or even ‘confusion’ while referring to contents of CAG’s report, give us an impression that even PM is biased. Events during and after this session of Lok Sabha do not justify the initial responses of PM and his colleagues about the ‘disputed’ CAG report. Parliamentary democracy is much beyond ‘managing’ numbers while voting or getting ‘nominated’ to positions. If anything, the stalemate in the last session of parliament proves the failure of political leadership and aam aadmi or the voter is less concerned whether it is UPA’s failure or NDA’s failure. PM has to play a more proactive role to reach amicable settlement in national interest faster in such situations. If he also starts blaming the nearest pillar or post for failure of governance, who can save this country?
Mr Hi Fi
1 decade ago


Rajan Manchanda
1 decade ago
Dear Mr.Prime Minister

Honesty is your back bone.Every Indian believes and rightly so that we have a Prime Minister who is truly honest.Why then allow corruption to breed ? Why not order an inquiry right away ? In a Country where a large population lives under poverty line with out two square meals a day,with out medical facilities lack of power,lack of education facilities forget even having toilets and farmers committing suicides,we see corruption of a magnitude unheard off. We are probably breaking all world records.Even Countries where the kings and rulers who have been dethroned did not amass wealth to this extent. What are we waiting for ?

India still has hopes on you Sir.Please speak up, Act and save the Country from disaster.
1 decade ago
Sorry, Mr. Prime Minister.
We have already stood up against "corruption" !!!

Can you please do us a favour, Sir? ...... that will make us sit and we will think of standing up again against "disruption" then !!
........................ Please RESIGN Mr. Prime Minister!!! We need to relax ! Sir.

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