Manganum: Enhance the Utility of Your Browser
Manganum is a Chrome extension which gives super power to your browser. It is a browser sidebar which has multiple options that enhance the utility of your browser and make it faster and more productive.
The launch pad allows you to access your favourite and most-visited sites. You will never have to open a new tab in your browser to visit your best-loved sites.
Translator helps you translate online text, on the fly. You can translate text instantly across more than 100 languages, powered by the latest innovations in machine translation. 
Calendar function integrates wonderfully with your Google calendar—you can view your calendar directly on any tab on your browser, get soft notifications about upcoming events and join meetings in one click.
Tasks get neatly integrated with Google tasks and allow you to access it directly from any tab in your browser.
Notes is a stand-alone app which allows you to jot down your thoughts, on the fly—no need to open any new tab in the browser.
Daily motivation quotes and highlighting of important tasks come up automatically on any new tab on your browser. Overall, a well-designed extension for enhancing your productivity manifold.
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