Manage All Copied Text with Clipboard Pro
All of us juggle with the mobile keyboard, and the faster we try to be, the longer it takes! In comes Clipboard Pro—a convenient clipboard app with overlay display. Once installed, this app automatically records all copied text. And all the copied text is available at a tap of your finger. You can record up to 100 entries in the clipboard and memo.

You can record the content and URL of the article you care about; copy the product name, etc; and search the Web later. It also has a memo function which you can use for shopping too!
The app has a movable floating recall button, so your clipboard is available anytime, anywhere, in any app, on your phone. There is a quick search button which allows you to quickly search the word on Google when copied.
There is a free trial available for a limited period after which you need to pay for the app.
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