Maildrop: Mail but No Spam
Get free, disposable email address 
When you visit a website and it insists that you enter your email address first, before proceeding, what is your reaction? For a large number of people, there is a feeling of unease and distrust and they may just move away. Email, a very effective way of communication, is today plagued by spams and unwanted mails which waste a lot of your time. Hence, we are scared to give our email ID to an unknown site.
At such times, just head to It helps you with a free, disposable email address. There are no sign-ins, no passwords to remember, no security and no privacy. It just gives you a valid email address which you can enter without fear of spam. Use that address on any site and visit to receive replies. If you get too much spam there, create another maildrop address and move on!
The next time a web form or app asks you to ‘please enter your e-mail address’, you’ll be ready. No problem, it’s “[email protected]” When that site sells your e-mail address, you can shrug, move on to another disposable MailDrop address, and your real e-mail won’t get filled with junk mail. Just try it!
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