Kejriwal to remain in custody till 6th June
Moneylife Digital Team 23 May 2014
Arvind Kejriwal’s jail stay was extended till 6th June as he remained adamant on not furnishing bail bond in a criminal defamation case filed against him by BJP leader Nitin Gadkari
A Delhi Court extended custody of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal till 6th June after he again refused to furnish bail bond in a criminal defamation case against him by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Nitin Gadkari.
Metropolitan Magistrate Gomati Manocha remanded the former Delhi chief minister, who was produced in a packed court room from Tihar Jail, in judicial custody till 6th June saying she cannot review her order passed on 21st May.
The Court has asked Kejriwal to challenge its order sending him to jail before a higher court after the ex-CM questions its decision. “I will only request you (Kejriwal’s lawyer) to challenge my order if you want. I have already made up my mind,” the Magistrate said, adding that the court was only following legal procedure and “that if other leaders of the party can furnish bond to secure bail, why Kejriwal cannot do the same”.
“There is a lot of legal illiteracy in the country. Even educated people do not know about legal proceedings as to what is bail and what is bond. Being in the position you (Kejriwal) were, I expect you to be sensible,” the Magistrate observed.
During the hearing, Kejriwal told the court he was trying to understand what his fault was and lots of politicians have filed such cases against him. “In such cases, I have been released after I gave undertaking in courts earlier,” he said.
The Magistrate, however, said Kejriwal was told to give a bond only and it was a legal procedure to furnish bonds for bail. “You (Kejriwal) have been summoned as an accused. You are not a convict. You will face cannot say that I am innocent and I will not give bond. This is a procedure,” the Magistrate said.
The Court had on 21st May sent Kejriwal to custody till Friday after he had refused to furnish bail bond in the case.
8 years ago
Litigation must focus on legal wrongs and legal rights – commodities which are in remarkably short supply in this action. At the same time Judges presiding courts cannot take the plea that they cannot withdraw their own order even if subsequently the Judge realises that he had erred by telling the affected party to seek remedy by appealing to higher court. This seem strange because we have seen SC itself issuing death sentences and on a later date issue a revised on a plea that the death sentence is rescinded and now it is awarding life sentence without bothering to instruct who is the competent authority to carry out their revised order of life sentence.
8 years ago

very good.
shadi katyal
8 years ago
One wonder with 1.2 Billions why we have such magicians voted in as CM of Delhi which he could not run so went for the brass ring and now ended up in jail. He has made fool of many but people did wake up.
Why the Center did not jail him when he violated Law and Order in Delhi of his Dharna.
Does the nation need such leaders who can conjure up tricks and be everything for everyone. Hew wants to be a martyr but what sacrifice has he done.
One wonder why his party member an attorney is let him sit in jail? Is this to win sympathy from misled voters?
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