Kejriwal targets BJP president, says Gadkari received undue favours from NCP
Moneylife Digital Team 17 October 2012

Kejriwal said, while DLF-Robert Vadra are looting farmers in Haryana, Gadkari and NCP combine are looting farmers in Maharashtra

Social activist Arving Kejriwal on Wednesday alleged that Nitin Gadkari, the president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) received undue favours from the Maharashtra government in allocation of farm land. Gadkari was allotted about 100 acres of farm land by the then minister Ajit Pawar, alleged Kejriwal.


Accusing Gadkari of being in league with Congress-NCP government in Maharahstra, to get undue favours and keeping quiet as quid pro quo on issues affecting people, Kejriwal said the BJP president has used politics to build his business empire. According to him, Gadkari owns a big business empire in Maharashtra that consist five power plants and two sugar companies.


Meanwhile, Gadkari today called on President Pranab Mukherjee and congratulated him on assuming the top post. "After Pranab Mukherjee became President, I had to congratulate him. I congratulated him and held some discussions. I have old personal relations with him. It was a courtesy visit. It had nothing to do with politics," Gadkari told reporters after coming out of Rashtrapati Bhawan.

MK Gupta
10 years ago
In India, corruption is and has all along been based on corrupt money and dishonest intent. In a country where, right from the nascent days of Indian political theory, the ruling elite remained a class apart as is still obtaining now, there can be no difference among any political outfit whatever as the basic principles of governance are the same over the ages and through the various permutations and combinations of ruling conglomerates--the Congres for whatever it's worth being the only exception until its corporate owner-majority shareholder hit upon the grand idea of UPAs of "strange bed fellows". And the result is naked loot of the country of the people, with the ruling elite (read:the bureaucracy) remaining essentially the same being run by the servile IAS whose only allegiance lies with the bread giver--that is, the "person"who makes the appointments. Sometimes it is an offspring of the head of the govt. opr a son-in-law or a son-cum-crown prince or whatever---and this is replicated in the states where also the government is controlled by a family coterie and a team of cohorts bending backwards to keep the (only) leader happy, with the IAS in attendance of course. Otherwise, the Janata rule and the NDA rule in the split periods have been no exception with all political leaders unexceptionally preferring the IAS alone to be their bandwagon being the most pliable--and the most suitablr inheritors of the colonial masters and their "steel frame" officers who were far more learned, cultured and, of course, honest with honourable breeding and backgrounds. The same IAS-CSS coterie ran the admn in the Janata and the NDA regimes, in the same pattern as ever. Hence, Kejriwal has not really "expopsed" the former Maharashtra Minister for Roads. It id wellknown that opposition parties have to be kept happy during the period of their hibernation in the opposing camps and the booty of the loot must be shared. I think, I did omce mention about the posting of a particular officer of the IRS specially selected to handle the Fodder-Bitumen svcams of Bihar ( and Jharkhand) in 2002 qnd was transferred in less than a year as the then Minister was rather disturbed due this non-conformist officer's known stubbornness. He remains safely lost in the wilderness for the ruling class. Hence, it is rather mundane for you to waste so much space on such regular happenings matters of a budding and careerist rooky politician's selective politics/strategy (w.r.t the allegation of an IAS officer against him (being deliberately sitting on corruption charges against Pawar)is not at all very relevant for the common people.
10 years ago
Who is Anjali Damania? Can anyone provide information regarding her activities ? does she have any connection with Kodnani as alleged? who is her husband?
Dr Anantha K Ramdas
10 years ago
Sir: I am not interested in politics; but I do remember reading that at recent wedding of his son (Can't recall if it was his daughter) 1000s of people came for lunch/dinner.

I wonder who and how they put the bill?

Somewhere in the system we should have a provision that calls for politicians to give an undertaking that they have no commercial interest in anything and that they will not "promote" biz of their family, friends and relatives.

Can we get this organized in our DemoCRAZY?
Replied to Dr Anantha K Ramdas comment 10 years ago
It is a pity that the BJP chose him as its President. He is an unknown person outside Maharashtra. Though Kejri bomb is a failure, BJP image suffered.
Vinay Isloorkar
10 years ago

Happened to hear Gadkari's rejoinder.Some interesting jargon was spewed: Wasteland,social enterprise,how sugarcane is magic wand for eradicating farmer poverty and hence suicides.

Inko abhi bhi lagta hai ki ham sab Alibag se aayele hain.
10 years ago


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