Junglee: Buy/Sell Anything
Junglee.com is a service by Amazon designed uniquely for India with the vision of helping anyone buy and sell anything online. Junglee is the only online marketplace in India which enables customers to buy new and used products from all types of sellers including individuals, home-entrepreneurs, micro-businesses and shopping websites. Customers can transact directly with sellers using Pay with Amazon—a fast, easy and secure way to pay online. Anyone can start selling online by creating ads for their products on Junglee.com and receiving customer queries. They are a team within Amazon, energised by the mission of transforming the way India shops and sells.
Just visit www.junglee.com, enter the name of the product you are looking for, and there you have choices, with prices, of the same product. You may buy books, electronics, media, home and lifestyle and much more.The beauty of this website is that you have options for refurbished items and can also deal directly with the seller, thus, reducing the overall transaction costs. It’s a jungle out there and Junglee helps us figure it all out!
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Im satrs new business
Iven Djolic
6 years ago
Now, Google Search allows people book a cab with Ola and Uber in India
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