Multiple Anti-virus Software
Very often, viruses enter our system through attachments received in emails. Most of the time, if you have a strong, paid anti-virus tool installed, it will prevent the virus from opening and spreading. However, each anti-virus tool has its own limitations—what is caught by one anti-virus tool may escape notice of another anti-virus tool. 
This is where Jotti comes in useful. It checks and scans each file that you send to it, against multiple anti-virus tools. Hence, there are more chances of malware or virus getting detected. So, as soon as you send it to Jotti, the file will be scanned by E-scan, Avast, F-Secure, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Fortinet and multiple other tools. The result is that you have added protection against viruses in any file that you submit for scanning.
Jotti is a free tool and extremely useful when you are getting attachments from multiple sources and need to be extra careful before opening them.
QuickLook: Quick Preview of Files
Yazdi Tantra, 28 April 2023
Whenever we are in the Windows file manager, we have an option to preview our files in the right pane. This is a very useful feature of Windows, but is extremely slow, at times. More so, if you are previewing multiple file formats...
Resource for Cooperative Housing Societies
Yazdi Tantra, 22 April 2023
This is a simple app made for cooperative housing societies (CHS).
It has the provisions of law for CHS, listed serially. You will find the relevant provisions, circulars and case laws, in some cases. This could provide a... Automating Note-taking and Record-keeping for Team
Yazdi Tantra, 14 April 2023
Grain is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered meeting recording for all teams. It automates note-taking, record-keeping and insight capture from every conversation online. It can connect to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and...
Check Your AIS from Income-tax Dept App
Yazdi Tantra, 08 April 2023
The income-tax (I-T) department has launched a mobile app for taxpayers to view their individual annual information statement (AIS). As you may be aware, AIS presents to you TDS/TCS (tax deducted at source/tax collected at source)...
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