Jitter.video: Design Stunning Animated Content and Interfaces
If you work with videos and/or animations, this is THE tool for you – Jitter.video. Their motto is just to make motion design simple. Jitter enables creators and teams to easily design stunning animated content and interfaces, so that they can focus on their content and not on the animation process. You can animate your content in seconds—get started easily, iterate fast and produce better content. All this with full creative controls to customise anything, as you wish. You can even collaborate with your team to explore your ideas together and get your work approved faster. And, all this from the comfort of your browser!
Of course, you don’t ever have to start from scratch—you have thousands of ready templates to start with, giving you full control with animation presets. And once you are done, you can export 4K video, GIF and Lottie—giving a professional touch to your creations. You can explore Jitter for free and, if you like it, subscribe to the service for a nominal monthly price.
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