Inner Healing Is the Future
Spirituality, which translates to sharing and caring in practical terms, is vital
Science is one of the many ways of understanding this enigma called the universe. One should not lose sight of the fact that there are other good methods of understanding the nature of this universe like, for example, spirituality. Although conventional science believed that “science is measurement and measurement is science,” as defined by Marie Curie, the reality is that science is as vulnerable to scrutiny as are other methods like spirituality. Energy, which runs this world, is now known to be the other face of matter itself. That being so, the world becomes a bundle of energy. Mankind becomes a part of that great energy cauldron—interdependent and inseparable part at that. If we are interdependent in this maya (illusion) called the world, spirituality—which translates as sharing and caring in practical terms—becomes a vital need.
All our development in terms of science and technology, thus far, has been an external development, with humans becoming more and more greedy, unmindful of the needs of their fellow humans. To make human beings human and humane, we must explore how spirituality—the internal development—could match the external development of science and spirituality. The reductionist science of medicine, which uses the inanimate sciences of physics and chemistry, needs to be replaced by the holistic science of non-linearity. This could be achieved by the new science of ‘Whole Person Healing’ (WPH), using source energy to set the deranged energy pattern of the healthy human being. In this new set-up, health is defined as “enthusiasm to work and enthusiasm to be compassionate.” Diseases lose their sheen in this setting. Health promotion is our goal. as was enunciated by Ayurveda thousands of years ago: swasthshya swastha rakshitham (keep the well healthy). 
For maintaining good health, each one of us will have to do a bit of introspection to develop our inner world. In the materialistic world, all development, so far, has been outer development: broad roads, tall buildings, huge highways, airplanes to fly like a bird, submarines to swim like a shark, spaceships to go the moon; but, because we did not develop internally, we have illnesses of all kinds—from the common cold to cancer—narrow minds full of greed, jealousy, hatred and anger, inability to go the neighbour’s house with a smile. Forget about going to the moon, one plays with people’s health in the name of reductionist medical non-science and what have you. This introspection is very simple and could be a huge success, if done on a regular basis, to maintain good health and avoid diseases to the extent possible.
Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Do not do anything to control your thoughts. But do not act on your thoughts on the spot. This stillness for 20 minutes makes one tranquil. That will make one go into and understand, oneself. That is the time to cleanse all bad thoughts and fill that space with positive thoughts. One can even use this after several days’ practice to heal illnesses, so-called quantum healing. Even without using that time and tranquillity to heal illnesses, the practice itself makes one very tranquil. Studies have now shown that this kind of regular inner cleansing will make the telomeres, the bands on the ends of human chromosomes, which get smaller with age, to stop that ageing process and get lengthened.
In the present-day world of medical corporate monstrosity, this method of preserving one’s health is sensible and economical. Health promotion using this method and, not disease prevention after a regular check-up, is the future of mankind. Let us spread this message of wellness so that people get to know this and live happily. Otherwise, advertisements, print and electronic media-based, of the ‘medical-scare’ system will push every one of us into the bottomless pit of ill health. 
Bhupendra Madhiwalla
8 years ago
It is well accepted that mind and body are inter-related.Faith healing, christian science, reiki, meditation etc. are practiced by many since ages. It is OK to have bias towards alternative cures but to have prejudice against modern medicine is not OK. Alternatives may not be able to 'cure all' and so help of modern medicine may required. In fact, closed mind itself is a malady.
Bhupendra Madhiwalla
Bhupendra Madhiwalla
8 years ago
It is now accepted that mind and body are inter-related and hence inner healing is possible. Faith healing, Christian Science, Reiki, Meditation etc. have been practiced since ages. Though these may not be able to cure all diseases and hence help of modern medicine too may be necessary. Bias towards alternatives and no prejudice against modern medicine are required for better overall success.
Bhupendra Madhiwalla
Mahesh S Bhatt
8 years ago
In today's medical world 5% of diseases are curable like pneumonia/malaria/TB/Fever etc.

Balance 95 percent of illnesses are American Medical Associations Standards driven like Cardiac illness BP/Diabetis/Psychosomatic Illnesses like Insomnia/ Schizophrenia/ Depression.

There which require life long medicines required which Pharma cos mint money on.

Terminal incurable diseases Cancers /Alzeimer /Down's syndrome require long term undefined medications costs with no survival chances but only management of disease.

Then there are new bunch of Life style diseases/beauty/weight loss procedures which are risky & costly.

Hence Vedas say that if you manage the Inner Tranquil with techniques/exercises & moderation in life living ways than these could be eliminated/marginalised.View VALUES FOR WEALTH @

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