Infosys Yet To Fully Resolve Issues of New Income Tax Portal; Claims 10 Lakh ITRs Filed So Far by Taxpayers
Moneylife Digital Team 16 July 2021
Infosys, which has been facing scathing criticism from taxpayers over the continuous glitches on the much-touted new income tax (I-T) portal ever since its launch on 7th June, is said to be still working on resolving all the issues. 
During the company's first quarter (Q1) earnings conference call, Infosys chief operating officer (COO) Pravin Rao claimed that the I-T portal is the 'single largest priority' for the company.
"We are working hard to address all the issues raised with respect to the income tax portal. Many of the issues around performance and stability have been addressed. About 10 lakh I-T returns (ITRs) have been filed so far, and one lakh ITRs were filed in a single day on Tuesday," Mr Rao said.
"We have made progress on the I-T portal, we continue to face some issues on some functionalities. The I-T portal is the single largest priority for us today. We are hopeful to address remaining concerns and roll out remaining functionalities in due course," he added.
Mr Rao’s words were echoed by the company chief executive (CEO) and managing director (MD).
"We are working extremely hard in making sure that all of the features are being delivered. We are working expeditiously...Several of the functionalities are already working, there is many returns that are being filed...there is work done in making sure that all of the stability and the performance is coming together," Infosys CEO and MD Salil Parekh says. 
He added that while there is some work that still needs to be done, the company is confident that all these situations will be addressed in a step-by-step manner and all issues will be resolved.
However, many people are complaining that it still is difficult to file tax returns on the new portal.
It may be recalled that finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman had called for a meeting of Infosys executives on 22nd June to address the issue. 
The new I-T portal is a project that was contracted to Infosys in 2019. The government has already sanctioned Rs4,241 crore for the project. 
Infosys claimed that several issues have been resolved, and that the new platform has seen 1 million ITRs filed so far. Mr Rao said the company has also invested in boosting leadership on the I-T portal.
FM Sitharaman had told the press during her Bengaluru visit that during the 22nd June meeting, the government had got several taxpayers to air their grievances directly to the executives of Infosys.
"We asked Infosys to address grievances of people from across the country. When Infosys came to North Block, several people voiced grievances. Infosys is still resolving the issues, they are still working on one or two more issues," the FM had acknowledged. 
During the recent annual general meeting (AGM) on 19th June too, the Infosys management was grilled by many shareholders on the glitches on I-T portal. 
2 months ago
FM went to Bangalore to see her home. She lives there. So she had press meet there. Old I.T. Efiling website was not as bad as new one, so must be reused. The programmer has poor vision & more fancy. We cannot see buttons or their names, do not know what to press, very little space between two buttons, no advice how to see Form AS26, must see elsewhere, remember all Instructions & search in website. Was there need to have new web site? Could additions not be made to old one? Much money, time, effort wasted in using it. She went to Kerala to canvass for BJP in elections this yr. She did not visit her areas of jurisdiction for Covid(T. Nadu, Karnataka, etc.) & do any good. She did not care for loss by investors owing to Sec.194A, Income Tax Act causing repeated UNDUE deduction of tax on INTERIM INTEREST on Cumulative Deposits. A few hundred petitions sent to most MPs, President, Prime Minister & her had no result. Last FY & this FY, Two Budget Sessions of Parliament were held. The deletion or amendment of Sec.194A was not done. No reply sent to Petitioner for three yrs. We still lose TDS on INTERIM INTEREST & also on Reinvested Dividend in Mutual Funds. Arrogant woman. While studying in JNU she participated in student unrest. Such types become Minister. What discipline & knowledge is expected of them?
Who reads these to appreciate our problems?
2 months ago
Really deplorable. If Infosys was not ready with the portal completely ready by the scheduled date it should have requested GOI for some more time. My more pertinent question is if such a roll out was done by the company for any private clients would not those clients would have claimed damages. Why GOI is keeping quiet, what about the manhours people like me have wasted in filing return, the company should compensate every individual in monetary terms. FM should take the company to task
Replied to krissukumaran comment 2 months ago
Why was FM not taken to task?
Replied to BR comment 2 months ago
Do it if you can.
Replied to BR comment 2 months ago
I am not interested to fight your battle with FM or your unpleasantness with FM. I am concerned with tax payers money wasted by Government in paying such a huge sum for this new portal to Infosys the net result portal not functioning, as also immense hardship caused to honest tax payer like us and now for filing return now. Unpardonable performance by Infosys and not a single word apology from it or government for this lapse.
2 months ago
It is shameful on part of Infosys, who claims to be a leader of IT companies of our country, to see struggling to make a vital portal (affecting millions in filing mandatory return to Govt of India) fully functional and glitch free. With this kind of performance, till the portal is completely error free and at least two cycles of returns are processed, no fees should be paid to Infosys. After two years, heavy penalties should be imposed on them for wasting millions of man-hours of tax payers / CAs / Fin Ministry officials.
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