Income Tax Portal Suffers Yet Another Glitch; Government Denies Data Breach
Moneylife Digital Team 07 June 2022
On 7th June, even as the new  income-tax (I-T) portal launched last year was completing its first anniversary, the I-T department said software services-provider Infosys has been directed to look into the issue relating to malfunction of search option on the e-filing portal. People who tried to log in on the portal were met with a blank screen with a loading sign. 
This announcement came after many users complained of issues while accessing the I-T portal and some reported that it was hacked. 
The I-T department confirmed the glitch in a tweet but said user data was not impacted by the glitch and added that Infosys is resolving the issue on priority. The finance ministry officials also assured people that there has been no data breach on the portal.
The tweet read, "Issue relating to the search functionality of the e-filing website has come to our notice. The I-T Department is seized of the matter. Infosys has been directed to look into it and Infosys has confirmed that they are resolving the issue on priority."
Earlier in the day, many users complained that they were not able to access their tax records on the portal. Some also claimed that the portal might be hacked. 
This, is however, not the first time that users have reported glitches in accessing the portal. Infosys CEO Salil Parekh said earlier this year that the company is working in tandem with the I-T department on the next set of areas related to the I-T portal.
Infosys was given the contract to develop the new portal in 2019. The portal was launched in June 2021. Since its launch, the portal has been marred by widespread glitches which even prompted the government to extend due date of filing tax returns and related forms for all taxpayers. Many people have been repeatedly venting their frustration on social media. 
In a hard-hitting letter in December 2021 to the finance minister (FM) Nirmala Sitharaman, the Surat-based Chartered Accountants Association, had said, “...if the contract was awarded in January 2019, then even after the passing of 36 months, the front end of the new portal shows a brainless design with various missing drop-down menus, buttons and missing notifications, the backend database frequently loses data of various forms filed by the stakeholders, the migrated data of digital signatures is totally lost after which stakeholders took enormous pains to replenish the database with digital signature mappings again and the overall website developed is pathetic and hapless.”
“During these three years, the I-T department and the hired agency has not taken the task of development seriously and has instead developed a portal of a quality which can be developed even by college students in their summer projects. This shows either a severe cost-cutting at the agency’s end in the development and implementation part OR a flawed requirement with wavering mindset provided by the I-T officials to the development agency,” the letter added.
2 months ago
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Dear madam/sir,
The last date for Employers, Payers of Interest & Dividend, etc., to give income details to I.T. Dept to show in Form AS26 of income earners/tax payers was 31.5.22. So, 31.7.22 was fixed as the last date to file I.T.R.

Now we hear that the last dt to give Form 16, etc., is extended by 15 days to Wed.,15.6.22. So logically, the last dt to file ITR too must be extended by ATLEAST as many days as 15.
Please see news below:
"Certificate of tax deducted at source to employees in respect of salary paid and tax deducted during Financial Year 2021-22 : 15.06.202",%C2%A0%2015.06.2022 .

Besides, the Utilities to use ITR Forms are said to be not given to public to use.


The I.T dept has not yet repaired it. It surely seems to have no interest to do it & will continue to force the public to bear more hardship & take enormous time & more trials to file ITR.

Last FY, despite errors in the portal, the I.T.dept did not extend time after 31.12.21. So many people could not file ITR on time & did it late & paid penalties.

So more time is needed this year too, to EVEN to start to file ITR. Finishing will take more time.

Please extend the last date to AT LEAST 30th November, 2022, in the first instance.
2 months ago
We are in mid-June. The deadline for filing IT Returns is July 31. The Form 16s are available. Yet the online utilities for ITRs I-IV are still not available. What is the IT waiting for?
2 months ago
A bribe or other favour by the erring party to govt official or minister or regulator is usually suspected when the performance standards are not met or if a job is undone or badly done,etc., though paid for. Why did Govt not enquire into it? Only on enquiry, such skeletons in the cupboard can be seen. One must not assume wrongly that all who are in power are fair, honest or efficient.
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