Income-Tax Department detects and destroys 11.69 lakh multiple PAN cards
Moneylife Digital Team 31 August 2011

Most of these cards were issued on applications by people who had lost their PAN cards, without realising that they should apply for duplicate cards on the old number

The Income-Tax Department has detected and destroyed 11.69 lakh multiple PAN cards found in the name of a single person, according to the latest information available. However, there is no information how many more such multiple cards exist.

Replying to a question on the issue in parliament earlier this month, minister of state for finance SS Palanimanickam said, "The Department has identified multiple PANs belonging to the same person through an automated computer system. Till date 11,69,238 multiple PANs have been detected and deleted."

A PAN (permanent account number) card is a photo identification that is now mandatory for major financial transactions and all banking business. They are issued by the Income-Tax Department on a simple application for a charge of Rs94. About 12.10 crore people have been issued PAN cards up to 31 March 2011, an increase of 26% from the year before.

According to the guidelines, owning more than one PAN card is against law and the person can be penalised for this.

Experts suggest that this phenomena is due to unawareness among the people, who commonly apply for a fresh PAN card on the loss of the card, when actually they should apply for a duplicate card giving the old number.

Multiple cards on the name of a single person also means difficulties for the I-T department to compute tax assessment with different PANs being used for different transactions.

In order to get over this problem of duplicate PAN cards, in April the government decided to start issuing biometric cards to taxpayers.

Rabindra Kumar
9 years ago
i have one pan card as no.AHCPK8267E which is not active as per income tax department and another pan no.AHJPK1210C are issued by income tax office bhopal which is active but i have not received the same. therefore i have not deposited return for the Asst.Year 2013-14, what can i do for activate pan no.AHCPK8267E
1 decade ago
I guess a small correction is needed...holding more than one PAN card is not illegal. Holding more than one PAN is surely illegal. Reason is that one may get more than one card bearing same PAN...everytime when person apply for update in his details e.g. - change in address. For such update surrender of earlier card is not required.

Another thing, issuance of biometric cards has been in news for more than once. I expect some details about the current news.
R Nandy
Replied to vikas comment 1 decade ago
This is correct.Even I was surprised to receive a new card after making an address change request as there was no change is details needed in the physical card.This I felt is a procedural lacunae as a new card should ideally be sent only if there is any change in details printed in the PAN card. The current process only creates unnecessary overhead for the IT dept.
Nagesh KiniFCA
1 decade ago
All and sundry paste stickers on boards and wall offering to get PANs for as low as Rs. 100 thus inducing all and sundry to apply for them just for the heck of it.
For all one knows they have not filed any returns in the past nor would do it in the future. Does the IT Dept. care to identify the applicant and the address at least on random basis to establish the veracity.
When the Mumbai RTO disptached by surface mail the renewed taxi licenses, many were returned with the remark "Addressee not found".
The Tax Department has to take a lesson from this.
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