IL&FS Fire Sale is on for a Fleet of 36 Luxury Cars, Furniture and White Goods
Moneylife Digital Team 13 December 2018
Debt-laden Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) has initiated the process to sell its fleet of 36 luxury cars and has invited bids from prospective buyers. Last date for submission for the bids is 18 December 2018 . In addition, the debt-ridden group is also selling guest-house assets including furniture and white goods from one flat in Kolkata and two flats located in Mumbai.
Luxury cars put on the block by IL&FS include eight Audis, six BMWs, three Honda, two jaguar, one Land rover and Lexus each, four Mercedes Benz, one Skoda Superb, six Toyotas and four Volvos. The most recently bought car in the lot is a BMW X1 registered in the name of IL&FS Rail Ltd in May 2018 and has a base price of Rs30.09 lakh.
Car from the lot with lowest base price is July 2004 registered Honda CRV from IL&FS Financial Services Ltd at Rs2.59 lakh. Mercedes Benz GLS 350D 4Matic bought by the same company in May 2017 carries the highest base price tag of Rs54.02 lakh.
Here are the details of the cars and their base prices...
IL&FS is also selling guest-house equipment including furniture and white goods from a flat in Kolkata’s New Town area. The list of furniture and white goods including LCD TV, leather sofa, dining table and chairs, treadmill, washing machine, desktop and executive chair.
IL&FS has also invited bids for selling guest house assets from two flats located in Mumbai. This includes treadmill, oven, LED tvs, dining table and chairs, air conditioners, ward robe, sofa sets, refrigerator, safe, washing machine among others.
kashyap joshipura
4 years ago
It is good story on IL&FS.It reflects the unwanted expenditure by the company .Indian citizens can also judge the reasons for the present situation of the company
Nagaraju Bommanahalli
4 years ago
In few years most of the companies will follow [email protected], because all companies doing fraud business and fraud money is pumped out of India,in few years all PSU banks become bankruptcy and India become bankruptcy.all banks gave huge loans to big companies with out proper security.our chowkidar doing drama in front of common people
Nagesh C
4 years ago
its not enough to pay even ieccl pending salaries
4 years ago
Lol it needs to sell how many cars and sofas to pay 90k crore of debt
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