IIPM restrained from offering MBA, BBA courses, publishing advertisement
Moneylife Digital Team 27 September 2014

IPM and Arindam Chaudhuri are directed by Delhi HC not to offer MBA or BBA courses as well as refrain from publishing advertisement as management and business school


The Delhi High Court has asked Arindam Chaudhuri and his Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) not to offer management courses like Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The HC also restrained IIPM from publishing advertisements as a management and business institute.


The High Court also slapped a cost of Rs25,000 on IIPM for misleading students by claiming to be a B-school even though it is not recognised by any statutory body including All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).


In the verdict, Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, said, "IIPM admittedly does not have AICTE approval. It is thus not entitled to run a BBA or MBA course or to advertise itself as conducting any course or programme in management or to advertise itself as a management school or a business school or a B-school."


Chaudhuri and IIPM have been using full page advertisements in several newspapers in an effort to establish itself as premier management school. However, IIPM was never recognised by either AICTE or by University Grants Commission (UGC)


While asking Chaudhuri to prominently display on IIPM website that they are not recognised by any statutory body or authority to offer courses, the Bench said, "IIPM and its management or officials including its dean Arindam Chaudhuri are restrained with immediate effect from using the word 'MBA, BBA, management course, management school, business school or B-school' in relation to the courses or programmes being conducted by them or in relation to the representations if any made to the public."


Earlier in May 2014, the UGC issued a circular informing public at large and students that IIPM was not a a recognised university and cannot award MBA/BBA degrees. "As per Section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956, the IIPM does not have the right to conferring or granting degrees as specified by the UGC under Section 22 (3). It is further clarified for information that IIPM is neither entitled to award MBA/BBA. BCA degree nor it is recognised by UGC," the Commission said in an advertisement dated 18 May 2014.


However, interestingly, IIPM on its website claims that it has never applied to any body. Responding to questions about recognition by AICTE/UGC, the IIPM in its FAQ section says, "IIPM has never sought recognition from any statutory bodies and is proud of its world class course contents. Students bothered about statutory recognition of IIPMs programmes need not apply to IIPM."


The Arindam Chaudhuri-led institute also clarifies that it does offer MBA/BBA degrees. "The value of the IIPM certificate lies in the excellent course content and also placements that IIPM students get year after year and in the number of students who put their faith in the IIPM programme every year. However, students who do the IIPM programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship become eligible for a Post Graduate Degree in Management (comparable to MBA) / Graduate Degree in Management (comparable to BBA) from the International Management Institute in Brussels, Europe," IIPM says on its website.

Madhur Aggarwal
7 years ago
This IIPM has destroyed the lives of so many middle class and upcoming middle class families children who can not get admission In IIMS and lured into World class education fake propaganda.

Were regulatory bodies too weak to discontinue them.

You won;t believe me
- Th IIPM has published Full page ads in leading Newspapers of India- HT and TOI etc.
-SRK has been invited to give lecture in NOIDA campus.
- Almost entire class gets absorbed in IIPM and some people married themselves over there .

Chapter relating to IIPM
the beautiful and the damned siddhartha deb.

This is biggest crime committed in India according to me
Destroyed next generation of country .
7 years ago
Therefore in a huge democratic country like India now huge advertising like IIPM is become punishable now onwards.People misleading or cheating through small scale advt is allowed? Please clarify...
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