IBMA: A broker, member, a company of NSEL’s promoter FT, but appearing as a trade body?

Indian Bullion Markets Association was one the biggest borrowers from the borrowing/lending racket of National Spot Exchange Ltd, amounting to Rs1,159 crores. With a name like that, was this group of company of Financial Technologies, the promoter of NSEL, masquerading as a trade body, lobbying on behalf of the group?

One of the members very active in scam-ridden NSEL was Indian Bullion Markets Association (IBMA). Contrary to what the name suggests, or what has been claimed by NSEL, IBMA is not a trade association or a lobbying body for industry-related issues. IBMA is yet another FT-MCX group entity which falls foul of the names and emblems statute. But it obviously got the name because of the clout of the FT-MCX group. Since this ‘association’ was an active trader and promoted by the FT group, we had asked Jignesh Shah whether it was a sub-broker of the Exchange. We were told, “IBMA is not a sub-broker but a member of the Exchange (NSEL). It has around 130 bullion dealers and jewellers from across the country as its shareholders. PEC Ltd (formerly Project & Equipment Corporation of India Ltd), a government company, is also its shareholder. It was conceptualised and called an ‘Association’ because it was promoted by NSEL in a cooperative structure along with various stakeholders such as small jewellers and bullion traders, with an aim to work as an aggregator.”

It was lobbying with the ministries of agriculture, consumer affairs and finance. Apparently, these ministries even invited it to be represented on policy-making committees. Is it believable that retired regulators, Union secretaries and other high-ranking bureaucrats on the boards of FT-MCX group companies did not know that a trading member of an exchange was masquerading as an ‘industry association’? It is now disclosed that IBMA was one of the biggest traders with an investment of Rs1,200 crore by 146 shareholders. These investors were clearly lured by the promises of the FT promoters themselves.

All this raises several questions. Were there any Chinese walls between NSEL and IBMA? Did the MCon check or question it? Clearly, the reason why there is no action against NSEL, its promoters or even its sacked employees, is that its tentacles reach far too deep into this government.

9 years ago
Many good men become bad later on - I guess JS was one such - ambition, greed, coercion from his investors like ministers, many things might have forced him to cross the lakshman rekha between ethical business and fraud.
Vinay Joshi
Replied to Srinivas comment 9 years ago
You are sadly mistaken!
Vinay Joshi
9 years ago
Hello Ms.Sucheta & Mr.Debashis,

No answer!? Can you stop print, withdraw?

Vinay Joshi
9 years ago
Hello Ms.Sucheta & Mr.Debashis,

In your own authored book you have praised Jignesh Shah, narrated him to be top achiever & have ranked him to be in the few people you mentioned importantly notable Mr.Keki Dadiseth & Mr. K. V Kamath who command world resp & not only of India Inc, or others.

Now why are you tanking him? Perception change? Then & now!?

Like Harshad Mehta!

Vinay Joshi
Replied to Vinay Joshi comment 9 years ago
Hello Ms.Sucheta & Mr.Debashis,


Sucheta Dalal
Replied to Vinay Joshi comment 9 years ago
ARe you writing off all the people and their insights in the book? Your extreme attitude is rather strange. If you feel so strongly, how about buying out our copies-- printed at our own cost? You can then burn them.
Another example of how you have ZERO appreciation for our work, which you say you admire. And even BIGGER ZERO appreciation for our personal investment of time and money in what we do.
Telling people what is wrong with them and needling them on every sentence is so easy, right? you do it to every one of our authors. Yet, you say you appreciate what we do!! :-)
Oh boy... if these are our admirers we are in terror of what our enemies think of us!!

All the best Mr Joshi - have a nice time in your utopian world, where you are free to lecture but dont need to do anything! :-))
Vinay Joshi
Replied to Sucheta Dalal comment 9 years ago

I've only talked of JS!? Expecting the chapter will be expunged! Have you ever known books are bought & burned? With this of your intellectual statement I’m stunned! It defeats my intellectual prowess. Majorly stunned by a statement made by a ‘Padmashree’, awardee!?


Further the MOST important aspect i've stated is that you had given a status to him to be counted among respected Mr.Keki or Mr. Kamath. That’s all!

Sucheta, I expected with your three decades expertise, acumen etc; that UNKNOWN individuals, NO TRACK RECORD, are starting the bourse[s] [now beleaguered] TO BE INCLUDED AS TOP ACHIEVERS – in your book which can be an outlook for GenX.
STARTING BOURSE!? When SEBI- MCS-SX tussle was there – what you had written?

WHEN NSEL DIRECTORS & CEO & OTHERS viz Anjani Sinha, 2003, SEBI had removed him as Ex.D, A’bad S.Ex, for illegitimate trading activities, all illegal activities were openly done [as if you’re not aware], he was also involved in controversy in 1991-94 ‘physical shares’ stolen from MSE [Magadh S.Ex] resulting in payment crisis.

OoH! You were then busy doing your thesis on Harshad Mehta & now not known NSEL people except JS. In fact in my personal mail to you Sept3, I’ve stated that ---- ‘Today you have come out to state the aspects having stopped short of stating’ – it’s beginning of the end of Jignesh Shah. Where is his unwavering clout from his influential cronies? even when he faced regulatory aspects & all of a sudden a twist. Why the govt. or its regulatory authorities caught unaware then, AWAKENED NOW? One day trading contracts were suspended & then it’s history to be retold. [pl do check the said msg.] – msg sub – why lax regulation? Further I had asked ---
How Blackstone Group LP had invested in FTIL? OR Reliance Cap. in both? FTIL & MCX & dumped at a loss? Which of his seventeen co’s were in profit? [I HAD WRITTEN YOU ON SEPT3, YOUR ML POST WAS ON SEPT4,16:07hrs.]

I’ve also written in this forum that when ED investigated persons hold shares since 2009.

Who was JS & what you've tracked him? ---- This re yr JS & book.

Further Ms.Sucheta – re appreciation – it seems you were lost in writing your ‘angry’ post to me without realizing & reading my other posts in the forum & me talking CSR & ML first mover advantage as e-forum / e-paper in view of hard times of print media world over, TV channels cutting back on programming - & my statement that the Indian print media will take a hit of min 1KCR+ in view of INR depreciation & falling ad revenues. Ads shifting to e-media. Please do make your statement in view of aforesaid aspects. [as if yr print mag is comfortable!?] I had also stated that ‘funds’ will be addressed separately, read your own post to me. Sucheta never expected your posts can be ‘irrational’! Angry post. Anger will conquer you!?

Least expected from you, especially when I had written to you that in 90’s in Press Club discussions I always use to second your view points & further which you have yourself acknowledged in recent time about me quoting to you Stock Holding Corp; expose, buried!
[Hence this will be a story of JS-NSEL-FTIL-MCX-MCX-SX!? Buried, EMMINENT BROKERAGES, clients!?]

Hello Ms.Sucheta, in view of my aforesaid things, in the event you think I’m disparaging the authour’s, & taken for granted their authentic posts – WHY CAN’T THEY ANSWER PROFESSIONAL TO A COUNTER VIEW PUT WHICH [never in my case, idiotic] SEEKS AN ANSWER? This gives me a feeling that what you have written during your time in TOI, IE, etc, etc, readers accepted & you profess it.

Ms.Sucheta, the platform is evaluated on its contents, the authenticity of its post & NOT WHO WRITES WHAT? A COUNTER VIEW POSED, THE AUTHOUR IS BOUND TO ANSWER!
[unless you defeat the aspect & further state ‘letters to editor’ – print media – since centuries “INSIGNIFICANT”!] Why & HOW - William Gamble, answers me. In one of the post, purposely, put thro’ you only – our personal id’s to him – he had stated that then only one quest! Tho’ he answered it. Remember or should I put forth the extracts? He answers my posts – coz his authenticity IS NOT ONE SIDED! I’am also required to answer to my overseas posts.]

ARE YOU SATISFIED BY CALLING ME YOUR ENEMY? [which I’m not, not by my saying!? But instead of “BURNIG” the books ‘YOU have 'BURNT' my feelings to you & Debashis & ML & my respect for you.]

‘If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner’. – NELSON MANDELA.

chirag shah
9 years ago
Was IBMA a borrower as the headline suggests or a lender? All along it has been suggested that IBMA was a clearing member for other trading members who were lenders.
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