How 5G Smartphones Can Affect Your Lifestyle in 2021?
Sponsored Post 15 June 2021
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The 5G boom, as fate would have it, coincided with the pandemic in early 2020. The onrush of a new technology enlivened the tech industry. The stage was set for yet another success story when things seemingly turned for the worst. The global economy sank, and it looked like the grandeur needed to be stalled. However, things were not to be as initially feared. 
People soon got used to online sessions and zoom calls, which set the stage for virtual releases. Soon, manufacturers started launching their 5G handsets over virtual launch events, which were a grand success, telling from the sales that followed. What could be a more fitting ambience for products like the Mi phone? The virtual mode has become a serious need that needs to be sustained, and Mi 5G mobiles can prove beneficial for your lifestyle in 2021. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store offers a host of 5G mobile phones at a discount, so if you are planning to buy a new phone, you know where to look.
Let us now look at some of the ways in which 5G smartphones can affect or enhance your lifestyle this year.
COVID Testing Made Easy
The pandemic has been harsh on everyone, and we have seen doctors avoiding physical consultation. Patients, too, have been wary of visiting clinics owing to the fear of contracting the virus. There had been no other way to deal with the situation other than to stay on a video call with the doctors and make do with an online consultation. 
This ragtag arrangement is sure to change this year, because the market is sure to fill in the gaps. Surprisingly, online consultations are not new, rather it was prevalent even before the pandemic. The high demand for such services in the current scenario might sophisticate consultations and diagnostic procedures. Anything is possible; maybe you won’t have to stand in queues to get yourself tested. There is a possibility that digital testing will make life easier for us, and one needn’t stand in long lines, or run the risk of contracting viruses through physical contact whilst getting tested.
The Strength of 5G
It will not be surprising to see corporations building their business models centred around the 5G technology. This is not as far-fetched an idea as it sounds at the outset. Taking a cue from the previous discussion, we should not forget that big players like Morgan Stanley have already invested in digital healthcare. 
With the advent of more and more 5G devices, the prices of phones will surely come down. The positive consequences to this factor are manifold. The education sector, especially, would get a lot of room to grow. You will be empowered with smooth access to digital classrooms and workplaces with the help of high-speed internet. Therefore, devices like the Mi 5G mobiles can power a generation of young minds and alleviate the unemployment problem in the long run.
Localized Shopping
The pandemic has given people the chance to pursue alternative professions, and many have taken to entrepreneurship. The internet has empowered these new enterprises like never before. This feature can be a future opportunity for superior marketing with the seamless inclusion of high-quality videos to social media ads. The 5G-enabled Mi phones would make high-quality advertising affordable and accessible for everyone. If you are a shopper, this shift in the shopping experience can be smooth and convenient.
The Gaming Boom
The gaming boom will be a natural consequence of the 5G proliferation. Faster internet speed is not a whim but a necessity to fuel gaming ideas that have already been on the incubator. Therefore, there will be a little technological handicap in building phones that are customized for 5G gaming. The Mi mobile range is ready with long-lasting batteries and massive RAM sizes. This essentially means that the market is ready for the graphically demanding games that are yet to be launched. So, you can count on these 5G phones to support a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, and provide a richer video experience.
Focus on Health
If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that tracking the movement of infected individuals can be a terrific idea. Healthy people could be warned against frequenting places that have too many infected people. With the emergence of the new 5G technology, the administration will have better control over public data. Data on health issues related to co-morbidity can be effectively collated to calculate the risk rates of specific areas.
Anti-Microbial Technology
The fear of the invisible virus has taken root in every one of us. This factor might incentivize innovation that can detect infection on the go. Anti-microbial fashion is already on the rise, instilling confidence in the traveller in you.
Thus, 5G technology can have a positive effect on our lifestyle. If you are already impressed, you can buy your new 5G device from any of the leading brands at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at no-cost EMIs. You can also avail exciting discounts and offers, while taking advantage of the zero down payment provision on select models at the EMI Store.
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