Hinduja Family Faces Human Trafficking Trial, Says BBC Report
Moneylife Digital Team 19 June 2024
The BBC has reported that four members of the Hinduja family are on trial in Switzerland after being accused of human trafficking and exploitation. The family has been accused of under-paying and treating their domestic workers badly at their posh villa in Geneva.
Prakash and Kamal Hinduja, along with their son Ajay and his wife Namrata are charged with having confiscated passports of their household help, paying as little as US$8 for 18-hour workdays and restricting their freedom. The BBC report further says that a financial settlement for exploitation was reached last week, but the trial for trafficking continues. The family has reportedly denied the charges and has also produced witnesses to say they were treated well.
The detailed report can be read here: https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cm55gzvv1dro
4 weeks ago
Finally the HINDUJA Family has been PUNISHED with a JAIL sentence!

Multiple "uneducated Indians" were employed to work at their luxurious place & ABUSED with LOW PAYS & OVER WORKED!????????????????????????

See the SPEED with which Justice is delivered by Swiss Courts! (Our Legal system must learn something, where almost 60 CHILDREN were brought in School Bus to work in SOM Distilleries plant just 25 kms from Bhopal, State Capital of MP)
4 weeks ago
Shameful. So much wealth, so little humanity.
1 month ago
OVER RICH but with PATHETIC Exploitative MENTALITY !?
1 month ago
How does this tantamount to human trafficking? BBC will stoop very low and serve any stupid story to belittle India and Indians.
Replied to parimalshah1 comment 1 month ago
Check the exploitation in DOLLAR shops & Potel Motels Gas stations in USA to know reality
Meenal Mamdani
1 month ago
What is it with these wealthy Indians that they value Indian workers so poorly?
This is nothing but the feudal mindset, racism and caste hierarchies!

These disgusting specimens of humanity would not dare to treat a white household employee similarly as they know that the white employee would out these outrageous practices and drag their names through mud.

The same mindset is seen in the wealthy Arabs and therefore workers in the Middle East feel insecure no matter how long they have worked for the company or the individual.
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