High-tech NSE Poor Quality Website is ‘Frustrating’ for Investors, says investor site
Moneylife Digital Team 14 August 2018
Last week, National Stock Exchange (NSE) unveiled a new logo to mark 25 years of its existence. If the announcement following the launch of the new logo is to be believed, the logo is designed to indicate growth with a modern representation of a blooming flower. At a glitzy function in New Delhi, NSE said, "the sharp edges (of its new logo) indicate technology, precision and efficiency, and the shape amplifies NSE’s tradition of collaboration."
The move might seem like a welcome change for NSE, but investment blog Alpha Ideas has posted a scathing post raising serious questions about technology implementation at the Exchange. The blog says, “One other thing which seems unchanged since the last 25 years is the NSE website! It has become extremely frustrating to use the website…”
These days most people check corporate announcements, corporate actions and other such items of importance on their phones. The blog says to do this via the NSE website, especially using mobile phones "has become very painful...to go download a zip file, unzip it and then read the contents". Ideally, the files should directly be available for viewing or downloading in PDF format. The post made an apt comparison to the BSE website where corporate announcements are available directly in PDF format and their website is "much easier and faster to use".
Quoting a few examples of the horrific system currently in place, the post talks about the shareholding pattern section on the website and says that NSE is “oblivious to how data is stored and managed on their website". For instance, last week the blogger posted how one reader pointed out Infibeam not filing its shareholding patterns on time. However, much to his surprise a reader of the blog pointed out that the patterns were in fact filed on time but "NSE (had) failed to display (them) in chronological order". He provides further examples where shareholding patterns are completely missing for the month of March for blue chip companies like ITC and M&M.
He does not hold back in mincing his words saying, "these are of course a few examples which illustrate the utter shoddiness of the website".
“One has be a Sherlock Holmes" to navigate the SME section of the website says the blog post. It provides an example of an SME company where "unlike mainboard companies, it is not possible to view the corporate announcements, corporate actions, shareholding patterns etc. when you check the quote". Rather one has to "go to the generic SME page and wade through useless data to get to the company you want to check".
So while NSE might feel proud about their rebranding, the blogger says it tersely for all investors in India, "Mr Limaye, Investors don’t care about your NSE rebranding….they care about getting information quickly, completely and timely. Spend some money on that, please."
Md Nurujjaman
4 years ago
Searching information on company in BSE is much easier than NSE. Things should be arranged properly in NSE website.
Avinash Deshpande
4 years ago
NSE site is very poor in providing information compared to BSE. Nse has to learn from BSE for a change.
Sankarson Banerjee
4 years ago
The shareholding pattern screenshots for Infibeam are not the NSE website. Alpha Ideas in fact mentions it as a BSE problem.

4 years ago
I will advise all investors that they can access the information more easily from the website moneycontrol.com.In some situations information is available more easily at that site that at NSE.Further,the moneycontrol channel seems to be able to announce the information at its broadcast even before the information is available either at NSE or Money control sites.In some situations it is quite frustrating because one finds it difficult to verify news as the channel broadcast can be quite misleading in terms of whether results are standalone or consolidated etc.It may be better for investors to petition SEBI to takeover the dissemination of information from the stock exchanges.After all they collect turnover charges from the exchanges.
Ashok Visvanathan
4 years ago
Yes, more information is available faster from the base site.
Ashok Visvanathan
Replied to Ashok Visvanathan comment 4 years ago
Base should read BSE
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