HDFC’s Net banking site crashes
Moneylife Digital Team 06 September 2010

The lender’s Net banking site has been down since yesterday, leaving a number of customers feeling completely helpless, that too when a strike call has been given by labour unions tomorrow

The Net banking facility from HDFC Bank Ltd is down since yesterday, due to 'maintenance related' work. Since all workers including bank employees have called for a strike tomorrow, the non-availability of Net banking from HDFC Bank could give more trouble to its customers.

This is the message HDFC Bank's site has been flashing since yesterday:

"Due to system maintenance, Certain Account related features on Net Banking would not be available till Monday 6th September 17:00 hrs. Credit Card Enquiry, Demat, and Debit Card details would continue to be available. We regret the inconvenience caused."

Even till writing the story, the site was down. HDFC Bank officials were not immediately available for comments.

Earlier in July, ICICI Direct's trading site crashed due to technical glitches, leaving numerous customers feeling completely helpless. The magnitude of the technical problem was such that the brokerage was not even taking orders over the phone, another customer had said.

1 decade ago
Have been trying since morning to depsoit money into my daughters account in bangalore , they say they cannot accept as erver is down , try after an hour , have been to 3 branches and still trying but it seems it canot be done today and it was very important to deposit todays world such an excuse is inpardonable .....they should be dragged to consumer court
1 decade ago
I am amazed how they can run a business with a website down continuously for several days in a row.
So much for the IT prowess in our land.
simon jeya sunder raj
1 decade ago
i really accepted in hdfc credit cards in world level
1 decade ago
Bank web site is still down. They have been extending outage time since Sunday.
1 decade ago
Surprisingly, the site is STILL down. More than 24hrs of downtime and not even an announcement on their webpage as to what's the expected resolution time. HDFC is breaking the first rule of customer service in the cloud....
ajay kala
1 decade ago
really demonstrates the degree to which we are dependent on these emerging technologies.

nothing normative about it, just signs of interesting things to come !!

an occasional outage is something we should allow an organisation to survive unscathed, and live it out :)

cheers !!
raghavendra shenoy
Replied to ajay kala comment 1 decade ago
Agree with Ajay-this shows the dependence on technology. As regards the article itself, i think as long as the back gives a heads-up to their customers on planned outage, its fine. Problem is with unplanned outages and especially when the concerned officials go clueless/are incommunicado.

In this case, HDFC Bank had flashed info regarding the outage at their netbanking page a day or two in advance-i think that was sufficient.
Simon John
Replied to raghavendra shenoy comment 1 decade ago
I agree with you in the matter that HDFC gave notice 'a day or two in advance'. However in that notice they said it will be up by sunday eveing. Subsequently they have kept on delaying and presentlt it is now "Tuesday 7th September 12:00hrs" with no hope that it won't be delayed further.
In Reply to Ajay, This is not an occassional outage with HDFC but has become quite frequent.
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