HDFC Bank’s false pitch: personal loan without credit score
Moneylife Digital Team 23 September 2014

Aviral Technology is sending mailers allegedly on behalf of HDFC Bank that says there is no minimum credit score requirement for availing loan once you check personal loan eligibility. This turns out to be blatant mis-selling


As if mis-selling products other than banking was not enough, here is a bizarre example of luring people under the pretext of giving "funds immediately". Aviral Technology is sending (spam) mailers on behalf of HDFC Bank with a catchy subject line, "Personal Loan eligibility in 1 minute". What is more shocking is the mailer pretends to offer immediate loan that does not have minimum credit score requirement.


The links given in the mailer redirects the receiver to, a site owned by the Bank. This page, however, mandates the person to share all his details, like home address, salary, years in employment (business). In addition, unless you accept a condition, to "authorise HDFC Bank & its representatives to call me or SMS me with reference to my application. This consent will override any registration for DNC / NDNC. Credit at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank", your application cannot go further.


Although, the mailer says, 'No minimum credit score requirement', when one check the terms and conditions, the reality emerges. It says, "I/ We authorize HDFC Bank Ltd to make any enquiries with any other finance company/ bank/ registered credit bureau regarding my credit history with them & also authorize HDFC Bank Ltd. to provide details of my credit history to any other bank/ finance company/ registered credit bureau."


So no escape from credit score, but then you may have already provided all your details to the lender and may possibly face a barrage of marketing efforts from them.


Our mails sent to top officials from HDFC Bank remained unanswered till writing this story. We would incorporate their comment as and when we receive it.


Coming back to the mailer, it offers benefits like customised offer for corporate employees, loan up to Rs25 lakh-disbursal in 2 days, no minimum credit score requirement and special offers for working women, if you check you eligibility in a minute. This is nothing but a marketing gimmick, as filling the form itself takes more than five minutes. In addition, the fast track processing is available only for HDFC Bank salary account holders for select corporates in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Bangalore.


Another interesting aspect is several people are receiving these mailers from Aviral Technology who shies away from sharing any information about itself over the Internet. The links provided for unsubscribing redirects you to another domain, that is related with Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd, a mass email and SMS services provider. Even the name servers of are from, who according to database has also provided registration services.

Gurvinder S Kohli
8 years ago
We at Aviral Animation & Technologies Pvt Ltd are extremely distressed at our Company similar name is being used by Scamsters to send out emails. We are a genuine software and Outsourcing company with offices in India and USA and are now way either connected to Aviral Technologies or are into distribution of financial products. I would request members to please apply discretion while dealing with this scam company,

Gurvinder S Kohli
Director Sales & Operations
Aviral Animation & Technologies Pvt Ltd
Breezer Biju
9 years ago
HDFC states that they van provide credit cards without cibil check. Again a fake promise.
Subho Banerjee
10 years ago
Regarding this same Issue,I though to Wright to Banks senior managements so that I can get some justice, where in I explain every details so that I can prove my self, but this in vent.
Sreekanth Yelicherla
10 years ago
As there are many readers, I just want to give a note about HDFC: Do not believe in HDFC's credit card loans too. They have been mentioning that there is no processing fee or document fee for their loans. Even the call center executive talks like parrot that the interest is mere 0.99% ONLY. Here are the calculations: 0.99% per month means 11.88% per year. So that is almost 12% per year. Over and above, for every EMI, the HDFC bank charges 12% service tax. So, when you calculate, the total charge comes around 13.5% which is no way a cheaper compared to personal loans for salaried which normally ranges from 13%. None of this information is being told but HDFC talks only about 0.99% per month as the figure looks small but not practically. Beware of private banks.
Sreekanth Yelicherla
10 years ago
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