Greedy breed of Indian political leaders

The people of the country witnessed the entire cash-for-votes scandal on television. So, to say that the police or the parliamentary committee investigating the episode cannot find evidence in the case, is a real shame

Greed and fear are powerful human emotions, most misjudged though. However maligned the two might be, their significance in shaping human behaviour cannot be ignored. And they are as desirable as they are despised. Curiously, absolute absence of these two intrinsic evils of human nature-call them so if you wish-will rob the individual of his prudence and useful social conduct. When responsibly handled, these emotions enable us to add quality to the lives of others as well as our own lives, as we get on in the civilised world. If evidence was ever needed in support of this, it flows straight from the universally preached and practised business principle: 'highest returns from lowest investment'. It would be foolish in any corner of the world to practise the opposite of this; like saying 'give more, take less'.

Ironically, corruption springs straight from this theory. What we seldom acknowledge is that we are all corrupt in varying measures. It would, therefore, be utopian to expect total extinction of the evil called corruption. There has never been an era in human history-the Ramayana and Mahabharata periods included-when corruption did not exist. Why we are crying against it today is because it has crossed the limits of affordability.

Secondly, the role of 'fear' has altered. Instead of inducing caution in the mind of the exploiter, we are now in a reverse mode that adds an awesome, fearsome dimension. Gone are the days of 'under-the-table deals'; it is a blatantly open and an over-the-table business now. The public ambivalence over such dealings has only encouraged the perpetrators of the evil, because they are patronised by the same people who envy and hate them in private.

Politics in India has become the most lucrative business, with the fastest gains in fortune. As has been reported in the newspapers recently, the rise in wealth of our politicians averages 300% (or more, depending upon the 'capability' and 'capacity' of the leader concerned), within a period of five years, as evidenced from the affidavits filed by Members of Parliament/Members of the Legislative Assembly.

Who will not like to win over (or buy out) a pliable bureaucrat, judge or politician, willing to intercept and change the course of justice to favour their benefactors-be they from the government hierarchy, cronies from the fraternity, or an interested 'party' from the public?

Those who can pay can make the otherwise callous police and local administration move and act in the desired manner. Unlike other necessities of life, sex and money influence people in more curious ways-the more you have, the more you will want. Lust is nothing but excessive greed, which can drive you mad, like it happened with home ministry bureaucrat, Ravi Inder Singh, who was arrested in November 2010 for selling state secrets in return for sex and cash.

Fear can often lead to panic, which ultimately hampers the decision-making ability of individuals and establishments headed by leaders and officers running scared. The nation has seen this in the jittery responses of the government that is floundering in a deluge of scams and peoples' ire against corruption.

First, the government thought Anna Hazare was too tiny to deserve its attention. When the people rallied behind him with remarkable spontaneity, it scurried to appoint a joint committee with a duly notified timeframe to draft and legislate the Lokpal Bill as demanded by 'civil society'.

Then it made a mockery of statecraft in dealing with Baba Ramdev. Initially, senior ministers prostrated before the yoga guru, conceding all his demands (some quite weird) even before he could step out of Delhi airport. Even as they exchanged pleasantries, we saw the police pounce on a peaceful, harmless gathering in the sleepy hours at Ramlila ground. Statecraft was abandoned and witchcraft took over.

Corruption has now become the Frankenstein's monster of Indian politics. No political party is prepared to condemn it enough, aside from scoring points over each other in the routine 'holier-than-thou' frenzy. While the opposition is seen to be angry over the scams and is holding the prime minister responsible for the misdeeds too, no political outfit has come out in open and unequivocal support for a strong, powerful and effective anti-corruption institution like Lokpal as proposed by Anna Hazare's team. Shockingly, a jittery government is again trying to throttle people's peaceful protest, by denying the Jantar Mantar venue to Anna Hazare, the most peaceful protester that free-India has seen, even as numerous other rallies/meetings are being allowed there during the current 'ban'.

Even orthodox societies are fast evolving and adjusting to new realities. India, already well poised to lead the world, is hindered and threatened not so much by Pakistan or China, but by its very own enemy within-corruption in high places. No doubt, Pakistan-sponsored terrorism has hit us seriously enough in the past. But the menace of terrorism has also found a great ally in rampant corruption right at home.

With India topping the world with black money ($1,546 billion) more than the total of the next four countries (Russia, the UK, Ukraine and China together have $1,056 billion) in the list of black money hoarders in Swiss banks, Indian terrorists have enough to support them at home. Don't we hear politicians cry foul every time police or the army raid and arrest suspects? Not only the Batla house raid by the Delhi police, even the most blatant, daring Mumbai attack that is ominously remembered as 26/11 (to liken it to the 9/11 al-Qaeda operation on the World Trade Towers), found vociferous, if shameless, political support very much at home! First, it was AR Antulay who, when he was a minister in the Manmohan Singh government, suggested the hand of 'Hindu Zionists' in the killing of Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare (The Times of India, 18 December 2008). Lately, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh has been shooting from the hip, like an errant constable running amok, blaming the RSS and Hindus for all terrorism in India!

The whole world watched on 22 July 2008, how Members of Parliament waved wads of currency notes in the well of the house, screaming and complaining how they were bribed to vote in favour of the Manmohan Singh government, or abstain, during a trust vote after the Left parties had withdrawn their support. The government survived through murky horse-trading in Parliament. Recordings of a 'sting operation' carried out by a leading television channel captured these 'horse-trading meetings' and 'cash transactions' which were also shown to the Parliamentary Committee constituted to inquire into it. The Lok Sabha speaker asked the Delhi Police to also inquire into the affair.

First, the parliamentary committee report (not unanimous though) said they did not find enough evidence to pronounce anyone guilty. Now, after three years of investigations, the Delhi Police in its interim report says it has found no evidence pointing towards 'guilt of any politician'! Despite the glaring evidence that the people have seen in the entire episode, if the police or any other investigative authority absolves the culprits, it is an insult to the people of India.

Corruption is a secular pursuit. Politically, too, it cuts across party lines and converts enemies into friends and vice-versa. Mulayam Singh's Samajwadi Party was in the opposition, but only till the ruling UPA government had a comfortable majority. The moment the Left parties withdrew support, they not only jumped on the bandwagon but also went out of the way-using the cunning and innovative skills of Amar Singh-to garner additional support, by poaching Members of Parliament from other opposition parties. And we are the proud people of the largest democracy of the world!

Perhaps, if the Guinness Book of Records wanted a page on the world's most corrupt and shamelessly audacious leaders, I see no worthwhile challenge in the world-we will win hands down.

(The writer is a military veteran who commanded an Infantry battalion with many successes in counter-terrorist operations. He was also actively involved in numerous high-risk operations as second-in-command of the elite 51 Special Action Group of the National Security Guard. He conducts leadership training and is the author of two bestsellers on leadership development that have also been translated into foreign languages.)

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7 years ago

ish desh ko badlana h ab or hum sub ko bhi . pr ab hum sub ko ek sath milkar apne ap ko bada nayak banna h , tabhi hum sub kuhsh haal zindagi ko ji payenge. kyonki ye desh aj phir se gulam ho gaya h . or ish gulami me hum sub har din pathar ki tarah aj bhi pish rahe h.

Dr Vaibhav Dhoka

8 years ago

Corruption is not only changing money but it has changed the whole process like offering sex,no action indefinitely on complaint till cash is paid as there is no time limit for cognizance on complaint .Suggestions are never implemented.As it may fracture their nexus in ring of CORRUPTION.The days ahead are very gloomy.All four pillars of democracy is fully involved in corruption.

shripad padhye

8 years ago

Further to the above my concern is as follows:
The present situation in the country is such that I am constrained to express it in the following manner.

Darwin propounded the concept which proclaimed that the fittest only can survive, may it be plant or animal and when weighed on the scale of scientific reasoning, this appears to be significantly true and universally holding fast at large.
Should I elaborate this concept in terms of “struggle for existence” it will not be untrue in the wake of the scenario prevailing in country presently. Furthering this could be self expressed in the form and state of affairs, encountered by the inmates of society day to day.
The Human civilization evolved through a continuous process of reformation and achieving excellence remained centre of the objective. While learning about the theory of evolution one comes across a statement given by some eminent researcher – the goal of evolution is not human. Then what? The level of intelligence & excellence acquired by the human beings should not be mistaken to be the ultimate perfection or goal achieved. It will not be out of place to state that in the quest for excellence and achievements, the human values are rather lost somewhere.
The all time great leader Abraham Lincoln has wisely described the Govt. in a Democratic set up as- “The Govt. of the people, by the people and for the people”. But today what is observed and experienced distastefully is- “The Govt. is off the people, bye to the people and far from the people”. With this the scenario, the essence of Democracy is lost, no doubt.
And with this situation in the fore the quote of Fred Woodworth appears to a reasoned truth when, he states that ‘Government is an unnecessary evil. Human beings, when accustomed to taking responsibility for their own behavior, can cooperate on a basis of mutual trust and helpfulness’.
It left me wondering on many occasions, does the Democracy in India mean an environment in which everyone is free to behave as frantic as wished and is there no place for the law with natural justice? Does it mean to be license for the strong armed subjects to overrule the norms of the society and dogmatize the weak?
Does Democratic freedom achieved through struggle by leaders! Means a society where the law abiding inmates are scared of the Policing, they have a sense of insecurity and their effort is to avoid approaching for any kind of relief to the makers of law so as to avert undue harassment? If one approaches to a police station to lodge a complaint, firstly the station I/c will not be available and if at all he is there, it is next to impossible for the commoners to register a report. The station officer & his assistants will harass the complainant so much, as if he has committed a crime by coming to the police station that one would run away without writing a report. In the event of a road accident the on lookers would refrain from taking the wounded to hospital due to the fear of getting ‘trapped’ in the police enquiry, for exhibited mercy & humanity! Where the elections of the University students are sponsored by the Political parties and to inculcate among the youth what kind of leader ship?
Is it a true Democratic system in which competence is ignored and preferential treatment is extended on the basis of cast and creed? The voice of certain categories is promulgated while the stakes of others are ignored- why?
Whereas Constitutional provisions are based upon the principle of equal opportunity to one and all then, why discrimination? The motive behind this practice is getting unveiled gradually and this practice would be revolted and challenged may be, after a gap of few generations when, Democracy in its true spirit will prevail in the country.
The above are a few instances quoted and this situation is not only explosive but also alarming for one and all and should be reckoned as eye opener for the days and generations to come. People grow, strive for something and …vanish from the scene but, the fact remains that the marks of their thoughts and actions remain and the legacy is to be accounted for inevitably by the upcoming generations. This holds true since the ages past- the era of Ram-Krishna, Buddha- ‘Tathagat’, may be Nero, great warrior Hitler or Gandhi, to quote a few who propounded their thoughts and policies when, the masses were mobilized. In the context of the Indian democratic set up the thought expressed by Jorge Luis Borqesthat that ‘Democracy is an abuse of statistics’ becomes pertinent and at times one feels ashamed of being a part of the system.
For the youth, it is a note of caution that their involvement does not end with heralding the slogans of 'Vande Mataram' and 'Inquilab Zindabad'. They will have to come out of their comfort zone for establishing the effect of the ambitious movement being launched by Anna Hazare. Today the youth very well knows and enjoys 14th of Feb as ‘valentine day’ but hardly know that on 14th Feb 1931 at Lahore the legendary freedom fighters “BHAGAT SINGH, RAJGURU & SUKHDEV” were hanged to death- for the cause of freedom!

Also, not only the youth but the experienced seniors of the society who have completed their first inning should also be encouraged to be an active part of the movement. This will not only give them a ‘reason’ and ‘sense of self prestige’ but also the movement would be benefited with the copious experience gathered by these ‘time over’ members of our society who, otherwise neither find place to sit nor adored by even their family members nor the Government have any concrete plans for their living.

The beginning as above is attempted with the hope that such writings might prove to be a guiding lamp for the upcoming generations and the "Aryan" Nation regains its glory as before globally. (shripad)

Banking operations disrupted at PSU banks, some private banks across the country as employees strike work

Unions have called one-day protest against banking reforms and privatisation

Thousands of bank employees of public sector and some private sector banks stayed away from work today, in response to a strike call by the unions, disrupting banking operations in most parts of the country. The strike is spearheaded by the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) in protest against the proposed banking reforms that the unions say are harmful to the banking industry and the interests of employees.

Ravindra Shetty, convenor of UFBU, said this morning that about 10 lakh bank employees are on strike. Employees of regional rural banks have also joined the protest action. However, according to information available, while most private banks are functioning, operations at some of the older private banks have been partially affected.

Mr Shetty claimed that most of the staff of 24 private banks had joined the protest, although some high-level officers were at work.

While it was announced that ATMs would also be affected, there is expected to be pressure on the ones that are working, as they have limited cash storage.

"At the 65,000 banking outlets across the country that offer ATM services there is going to be load on the ATMs since they can hold only Rs2 lakh to Rs3 lakh cash," Mr Shetty said. "Since the banks are shut and people would crowd the ATMs, the cash could run out within a couple of hours."

The unions say that reforms have led to outsourcing of regular bank jobs that will curtail the opportunity for younger people looking for jobs.

They have demanded the scrapping of recommendations of the AK Khandelwal Committee, which proposed sweeping changes in the functioning of public sector banks, particularly in the matter of recruitment and compensation. Other pending issues include pension and regulated working hours for officers.

The unions say that in the name of banking reforms the government is trying to reduce its equity share in public sector banks and allowing the increase of private capital in these banks.  

The unions have unsuccessfully discussed the issues with representatives of the government, and earlier this week even with the chief labour commissioner.

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Speak Asia COO Tarak Bajpai, four others to remain in police custody till 12th August

Police raid office, said to belong to the MLM company, in suburban Mumbai; recover data of about 24 lakh people related to the company

The Esplanade Court in Mumbai has extended the police custody of Tarak Bajpai, chief operating officer of Speak Asia online Pte Ltd, and four others who were arrested last week on charges of fraud.

According to our sources, the police today raided an office in Walecha Chambers, Andheri, and found important data like names and other details, in the electronic form. It contains records of about 24 lakh people associated with Speak Asia, they said.

However, the multi-level marketing (MLM) company has been providing different figures on the number of panellist registered with it. During the court proceedings on the arrests, Speak Asia's counsel has said the company has 14 lakh panellists. This is lower than the figure of 19 lakh panellists that the company's chief executive Manoj Kumar Sharma had mentioned at a press conference on 16th May.

While the EOW is looking out for Mr Sharma and Haren Kaur, chairperson of Speak Asia, there are indications that the police may arrest some more persons associated with the multi-crore fraud.

Many agents of Speak Asia are said to be filing complaints against the company. According to information, a number of people from across the country are also coming forward to file complaints against Speak Asia at the offices of the Economic Offences Wing of the police.

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tyagi naidu

8 years ago

I want to know the final decision, we are going to get refundable or not



In Reply to tyagi naidu 8 years ago

NO, unless you register a Police complaint.

tyagi Naidu

In Reply to kris 8 years ago

Ohh, Is there any benefited if i lodged complaint.
Already lots of FIR has been stuck in my city police station of earlier two-three companies.. I heard no body get his/her refund value. So, Speak Asia also gone forever then i think no body get even a single penny... We should forget to creating chaos... We can recover our losses for other sources.
Thanks for your suggestion & cooperation.

Kishore N

8 years ago


Asst. Commissioner of Commercial Taxes likely to be arrested in Nano Excel Fraud case. Latest reports inidcates that he is the 11th accused in the case. He allegedly accepted a bribe of 1.5 crores from Nano Excel. This was revealed by Patrick Thomas who is now in the custody of Kerala Police. A lawyer and a Christian Priest are also under the scanner for their alleged role in the above case.

Yesterday Thrissur police arrested one Chandran Nair who was the leader of Nano Excel.



In Reply to Kishore N 8 years ago

Thank you kishore for the nano excel network marketing fraud case update.


In Reply to Sreedhar 8 years ago

One more arrested in Nano Excel case

Kishore N

8 years ago

Reserve bank of India

Fabricated Certificate of Registration - M/s Forex Achievements - Press release


8 years ago


Kerala - No more God's own country !!

The New Indian Express Article:

Kerala is now Frauds’ Own Country

Written by Shri. George Abraham


............Social scientists who have studied this phenomenon point to several factors such as the desire to get rich with little effort in a short while, the breakdown of the old family systems and the growth of nuclear families, the rise of individualism which respects none, the decline of the hold of religion and the lack of the right leadership in political, social and religious spheres, government encouragement of alcoholism and political patronage of anti-social elements. The fact that fake companies wind up immediately after there is a change in government in the state is a pointer to an unholy nexus........



8 years ago

Before raising or talking about any issue please do some research...

I accept Speak Asia had entered Indian market with a scheme which no one can believe and some can ever digest...because I'm the one among who opposed it blindly when one of my friends suggested me about Speak Asia..

But I understood what Speak Asia is really about and how it wanna expand its business....diversify its operations to benefit its panelists the so called the family members of Speak Asia...

Trust me friends till there is no evidence that Speak Asia has cheated or defaulted except few complaints filed for a reason that they didn't receive money back(and every one knows cash requests are delayed because the company is in the process of establishing its operation in India legally so that it protects the customers interest in future) ...and blindly every one believes the articles published by media (news papers....n websites like this)..

If you don't know anything please try to listen...understand but never try to argue that you are right....even if you are right...

And try to publish full news rather than biased and incomplete news....



In Reply to Seshu 8 years ago

Here is some research....
1. If nobody believes and digest Speak Asia scheme, then why bring it in the first place. You dont eat stones because you cant digest it, right?
2. You can expand the business anywhere you want but not in India anymore. People have become wise now and will not fall for your get easy income fraud.
3. A company does not believe in the legal and administration system of a country and violets all norms and rules. Does this not fall under cheating? If you think everythink published by media is not true and people shold not believe in it, then what about the ads published by SAOL? Are these ads also false?
4. What is your definition of Full news? If someone unearths your wrongdoing, then that is biased news and if someone just praises you then its good? come on...grow up. All media cant be biased against unless there is something seriously wrong with your money swindling machine, SAOL.


8 years ago

I am sorry. now I realize that speak Asia is a fraud company.


8 years ago

Police chief urges to be vigilant against money chain frauds


8 years ago

Thrissur Rural Police chief cautions people:

Thrissur Rural Police Chief Mr. Dinesh Kumar Behra cautioned people against Money chain frauds. BIZAARE, TYCOON, NANO EXCEL, UNIPAY2U, JAPAN LIFE INDIA, BIGWAY are some of the fraud companies. He advised people that if anybody comes to know about any money chain companies, he may immediately inform the Police.

(Mathrubhumi news paper report)


8 years ago




In Reply to HARISHBJ 8 years ago

Speak Asia is a money chain company. Speak Asia must immediately wind up their business, pay back the amount received from investors and leave the country.


In Reply to Kris 8 years ago

Mr. Krish...whats wrong with you...I accept there are MLM companies which cheated people...but there is a difference between MLM and speakasia...try to understand it...

I hope you are aware of online deals like SNAPDEAL, MYDALA, VOUGEMAGNET etc...n hope you are aware that if u refer a friend to join the site they'll pay some 500 rs for referring a friend...that doesn't mean they wanna cheat or they wanna runaway...

its to increase its customer base and further increase the sales...

The same thing happened with Speak Asia...
With out customer base no company can rely on the surveys reports...
First Speak Asia tried to expand their customer base...and no one is ready to join n waste their time giving feed back about a product leaving their busy Speak Asia is paying a part that is received from the clients to its panelists..

when the customer base is increasing it started planning to diversify its operations bringing in online shopping and few other features...
Still it tried to support the customers..the common masses to increase their earnings and increase their standard of living...

But the most unfortunate thing is there is more opposition from people like you....rather thank understanding and helping in rectifying faults in their business model....
Try to encourage the change in the systems rather than opposing...

A Raja

In Reply to seshu 8 years ago

Could tell me which Indian or MNC has that kind of market research budget ?

Going by the proposed payout - SA was at least should have been paying 20L * 500Rs per week. I.e. 100Cr (~ $25mn) per week. Which company would pay $25mn per week for survey to SA ?


In Reply to A Raja 8 years ago

Mr Raman....what the bloody hell you know about speak asia to talk about it....

If you know more than what I know could you please explain me...

If you open the sites I mentioned above then you get a option that you'll be credited 500rs(for example) when you join and more when you refer a friend....First learn about them and speak...and I used those online deal sites just to explain how the referral system works and its never the source for Speak asia as the business operations are not the same as of now

And regarding speak asia registration I already explained that it is coming up it permanent establishment in India...with 5 zonal offices and many distributors.
I'm accepting the fact that Speak asia was not registered in India and there are no offices but you need to know that it is in proceeds of registering in India..
It paid taxes to Indian governments for the previous financial year...
A speak asia office is under construction in is coming up with five zonal offices too...atleast wait till the offices starts and then comment regarding that.....

Sorry for being rude...but I feel you need to grow mentally Mr Raman understand speak asia..


A Raja

In Reply to Seshu 8 years ago

Seshu, you replied to me (Raja) and replied for what Raman asked. Be in your senses before replying.


In Reply to A Raja 8 years ago

I'm extremely sorry sir....was replying u both at a time....something went wrong....


In Reply to seshu 8 years ago

Seshu....When the hell you would grow mentally? Online deal sites neither offer any money for referrence nor they restrict you from leaving or de-registrating it. They do not need to provide "Historical EXIT option" as its already present by default. And moreover, all these companies are registered, have offices in India and necessary permissions from the autorities to conduct this businee unlike SPeak Asia, which have nothing to show.


8 years ago

One Speak Asian fraud yesterday made some false comments that Tarak was released on bail.

When can we expect Haren's arrest?

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