Automating Note-taking and Record-keeping for Team
Grain is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered meeting recording for all teams. It automates note-taking, record-keeping and insight capture from every conversation online. It can connect to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and virtually any other online platform.
Grain allows you to focus on the conversation and let Grain AI capture, analyse and synthesise your meetings. You will get an accurate summary that allows you to easily recall, clip and share key moments.
Just allow Grain to join your meeting as a participant. (For transparency, it is notified to all collaborators that Grain is recording the meeting.) Once in, Grain will record and transcribe minute by minute, who said what and make it available to you in text format. Hence, your entire meeting will be transcribed in text format and you could quickly search through the text to figure out who said what, when! Besides, it will summarise the key statements made in the meeting in a couple of neat paras which will, in turn, point to the actual timeline of the recording.
Extremely useful if you have missed part of the meeting, joined a meeting late and even for creating minutes of the meeting later on. Or, you could just save the text as is, as a record of the meeting.
You can start with 50 meetings free; once you are addicted and discover the power of the system, you will happily pay a small price for it, to get the full benefits!
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