Google's Orkut loses market share to Facebook in India, too

While the whole world has shifted to other social networking sites, India and Brazil are the only two countries where Orkut still holds a majority stake. Nevertheless, the scene is changing rapidly, at least for India as Facebook is gaining market share day by day

Orkut, the social networking site from Internet search giant Google is continuously losing its market share across the world. Even in countries like Brazil and India where it has a huge following, Orkut is losing to other popular social networking sites like Facebook. Even micro-blogging sites like Twitter are giving Orkut's dominance in India a tough time.

According to Google Trends, a site that compares daily traffic between different websites, the number of visitors to Facebook has gone up since June while the same for Orkut is falling. The rise of Facebook in India is mainly attributed to users from Maharashtra and Delhi. People from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab and Gujarat are using Facebook more than Orkut. Madhya Pradesh is the only place out of the top ten states ranked by Google Trends, where there is a neck-to-neck fight between the two social networking sites.

Research firm Nielsen, in a report about social media patterns across the Asia-Pacific region, said, "Although 70% of social media users in India identify Orkut as their preferred social media site, Facebook is gaining market share with 50% of social media users claiming to use Facebook more often, compared to 38% for Orkut, with the most common reasons for switching include friends moving sites, the look and feel of the site and features."

Micro-blogging site Twitter has enjoyed exponential growth in popularity in India, with more than half of Twitter users (about 57%) having signed up in the past year. Close to one-third of India's social media users (32%) use micro-blogging sites such as Twitter at least once a day, Nielsen said.

Although Orkut is losing its market share to Facebook, the same is not true for its parent as Google continues to dominate cyberspace in India. According to comScore, Google sites led as the most-visited properties in India with a unique visitor reach of 94.3%. In the Asia-Pacific region, Vietnam led with 95.3% visits to Google's property sites. In May 2010, Facebook attracted 18 million unique visitors in India, compared to Orkut's 19.7 million, the Web analytics company said.

In a May 2010 report, comScore said that Google sites ranked as the most-visited properties in the Asia-Pacific region, reaching 270 million unique visitors during the month, followed by Microsoft sites with 218.5 million visitors and Yahoo sites with 205 million visitors.

"In terms of engagement among the top 20 most-visited properties, Tencent ranked as the most-engaging property with visitors averaging 6.5 hours on the site during the month, consuming 716 pages of content and visiting the property an average of 39 times. also witnessed strong engagement, with visitors spending 3.5 hours on the social networking site and visiting more than 21 times throughout the month," comScore added.

In India, Facebook has recently been adding a lot of resources in the country. Last month, the Andhra Pradesh government approved Facebook's proposal to set up a unit at Raheja Mindspace SEZ in Hyderabad. The social networking major is likely to hire about 500 people for its first office in the Asian region.
Orkut can still pin its hopes on Brazil, though. During May, about 29 million people from Brazil visited Orkut compared with 8 million visits for Facebook.

Google is obviously worried by these developments. Despite every other thing - including mobile handsets - going in its favour, the Internet search giant has miserably failed in social networking sites like Orkut, Wave and Buzz. According to some blogs and tweets, Google is developing another social networking site 'Google Me', touted to be a Facebook-killer.

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