Google Maps: Know Where You Were on a Given Date
Forgot where you were on the 19th of last month? Simple, the Timeline feature of Google Maps will jog your memory. On the Google Maps app, tap the Menu on the left top, and then on Your Timeline and see your whereabouts, in detail. Be sure that you have enabled this feature and rest assured that only YOU can view it.
You have options to add a place, delete a day, show your Google Contacts’ addresses on the Map and even show your Google Photos that you have clicked on the way, on your timeline. Google says the feature is designed to help users answer questions such as: “What was the name of that garment store I went to, the other day?” or “Did I drop off the dry-cleaning on Tuesday or Wednesday?” And, if you feel that Google already knows enough about you and you don’t want it to know more of your travel plans, you may turn the feature off in the timeline settings.
2 months ago
Where am I on 4th August 2021

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Please tell me
Ramakrishnan Rajaram
4 years ago
Great feature.
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4 years ago
Thanx for this info
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