Gmail Tables: Inserting Tables in Gmail
I am sure, we have all faced difficulties in inserting tables in Gmail. So clumsy and unpredictable! Here is an extension which allows you to insert tables seamlessly into Gmail. It is an extension called (you guessed it right) ‘Gmail Tables’ by CloudHQ.
Installation of the extension is a breeze—just search Google for Gmail Tables Chrome Extension and install it. Once installed, it will sit as a small tiny icon next to your send button in your compose window. Click on it and a menu to create a table will pop up, allowing you to create tables of all sizes, create headers, padding and much more. 
Apart from the ability to create tables, the extension also allows you to add buttons for which you can embed the links of your choice. This is really cool and can be used in a variety of business and personal mails.
So go ahead and create tables in Gmail—have fun!
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