From Flipping to Averaging, MFs’ Love Affair with Nykaa at Exorbitant Valuations
Moneylife Digital Team 25 January 2023
The post-COVID rally in equity markets brought an initial public offer (IPO) fever which has led to erosion of wealth for many retail investors who invested in IPOs directly or through their mutual funds (MFs). The year 2021 witnessed the highest-ever amount raised by companies collectively in any calendar year through IPOs—over Rs1.3 lakh crore.
Equity MF schemes are products developed by...
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Hot and Cold Stocks of Mutual Funds in December 2022
Moneylife Digital Team 14 January 2023
In December 2022, Maruti Suzuki India and HDFC Bank were the most preferred stocks of Indian mutual funds. The net purchases of Maruti Suzuki India were Rs1,251 crore. ICICI Bank and HCL Technologies were the most sold stocks. The...
Large-cap Schemes: Expense Ratio Variations and Rolling Returns
Moneylife Digital Team 31 December 2022
Last week, market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) shared that it has initiated a study of the regulations pertaining to the fees and expenses in mutual fund (MF) schemes which are called total expense ratio...
Best & Worst Mutual Fund Schemes
Moneylife Digital Team 31 December 2022
The best three and the worst three mutual fund (MF) schemes over the past three years ranked by their quarterly rolling returns. Premium members get access to a more refined list of top schemes by logging into Moneylife...
Are Target Maturity Funds Any Good?
Moneylife Digital Team 23 December 2022
Indians have always been obsessed with guaranteed return products and fixed return instruments. In recent years, several savers have realised the advantage of investments in debt mutual fund (MF) schemes for their returns and...
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