E&Y’s Jharkhand Woes
Ever since the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has come to power, it has been a boom time for the world’s biggest consulting firms operating in India. There isn’t a project or an issue, committee or activity where the global majors are not bidding, and winning.
The quality of work, however, appears to be another matter—but they have rarely come in for public approbation. A stunning exception was the Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Company (JUIDCO). It has not only barred Ernst & Young (E&Y) from participating in future assignments with it, but published its order in the media, so that there is no room for any doubt about the shoddy work. The order, signed by project director 
Dr DK Singh, says that E&Y’s performance was ‘not up to the mark and not as per contract’. It also held the consulting firm responsible for project implementation delays. 
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