Everything: Search Everything Quickly on Windows
This is a very simple and extremely fast utility which allows you to search all areas on your computer in a jiffy. 
Very often, we just remember the name of the file, but just can’t remember where it is buried in the plethora of folders and multiple sub-folders on our hard disk. For all one knows, it may be lying on the external drive of our computer or even on a data card, inserted into our computer. Sometimes, we may not even remember the file name accurately, but we may just remember that it is a document file or an image file.
Windows 10 provides native search across the entire eco-system. But if you have ever tried it, it could get very tardy and time-consuming, especially if you have a large hard disk with multiple levels of folders. 
This is where Everything steps in. Once you download and install Everything, just enter the name or part name of the file you are searching, and you will be amazed at the speed of the results. You can even search for part of the file name or for a type of file in combination with its name. The advanced search option allows you to specify matching case, any or all words in the file name and much more.
From the list of files displayed, you may double click any file to open it. 
You can download Everything from https://www.voidtools.com/ Try it once, you will never use Windows Search, ever again.
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