Eros International, Red Chillies tie-up for Ra.One

The marketing spends on Ra.One have been subsidised considerably through major brand tie-ups in excess of 25 brands

Integrated film studio Eros International Media Ltd and Red Chillies Entertainment are set to release Shah Rukh Khan’s most ambitious project Ra.One on 26 October 2011. The countdown to the film’s release marks the culmination of one of the biggest marketing blitzkrieg for any Indian film ever, embarked upon by Eros and Shah Rukh Khan with brand tie-ups to the tune of Rs52 crore.

The country’s biggest brand SRK and leading film studio Eros have come together, jointly exploiting the film’s potential and additional revenue streams making Ra.One the first of its kind landmark film. The marketing spends on Ra.One have been subsidised considerably through major brand tie-ups in excess of 25 brands. These include Sony PlayStation, YouTube, Nerolac, McDonald’s, Western Union Money Transfer, UTV Indiagames, Videocon, Nokia, Coke, ESPN Star Sports and Cinthol amongst others.

Eros International and Red Chillies have already recovered a major portion of their investments through in-film branding, media endorsements and through pre-licensing cable and satellite rights, music and other rights. Eros International is planning a very wide release for the super hero action packed film in 2D and 3D formats in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu with over 3500 screens worldwide, out of which around 500 screens are expected to be in 3D in India and approximately 50 plus 3D screens overseas.

In the late afternoon, Eros International Media Ltd was trading at around Rs259.90 per share on the Bombay Stock Exchange, 3.16% up from the previous close.


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8 years ago

They will do anything to promote there movie , Any publicity stunt , don't get
worried about sharukh , he will recover the cost or he can earn it buy dancing for
few minutes in some ones marriage , advertisement , or in inauguration or brand
ambassadorial for some products , he will earn that money in few days or much more
then that , think about our country , inflation , corruption , black money ,
politicians looting us , Anna hazare who is the real hero fighting for country ,
According to Swiss bank reports :money stashed I swiss banks belongs to
politicians , Bollywood Stars, Now u know why do the picturization or shooting of
most Indian songs take place in Switzerland , yes they r enjoying with hard earn
money of common man who pays taxes for every thing and they enjoy on that money
that's too tax free in turn we make them more rich by watching their movies in
theaters , and also paying entertainment taxes which is about 50% we making them
more rich , they have sold RA-1 rights to television for rs more then 40 crore so
it will be obviously on TV , so why don't to watch free ON tv instead of spending
our hard earned money and make them rich , why we should be always loyal and don't
watch pirated versions, why only common man is expected to be loyal Yes he will
make lot of money and much money , he will be much richer because there r many
fools to watch his movies and fill his pocket and make him more richer and we have
to fight for month to earn thousand of rupees and from which we will spend on his
movie to make him more richer , They Blocked my video from you tube because they
got worried.
RA-1 Very Bad special effects Made by child, and they say very expensive movie,
money only given to stars for parties m why to watch this low budget action film ,
Ramsey films better, Spend high cost is sham , a gimmick to give hype to the
movie, effects taken from X-men, fantastic 4 etc but r of inferior quality sp I
down loaded on my face book many ideas r taken from Robot too.
SEE the below scene of RA-one copied from where -

RA-one has copied bit from here and there even from Tamil films like Robot.
Every bit is copied from here and there see. It has even copied the posters from
Hollywood films at least they must show some creativity.

very poor special effects-proof.

now the stars OF RA-1 will appear every where ON TELEVISION to promote the RA-1 in
shows like Little champs, dance India dance and many serial to promote there movie
, otherwise they don't , just watch U WILL FIND THEM ON UR TELEVISION, ok they
appear in serial and do publicity stunts.
he is marketing his film VERY good marketer , A good wrapper to attracts fools
like us and waste their money. in theaters
why not better watch it on television as it has sold its rights to television for
40 crore so it will be obviously on TV. You every body saw how The movie RASCAL
created a hype buy marketing and earned lots of money in its first shows, buy
fooling people , its way of pulling more and more public to watch movie on first
day to recover as much money it can.
Other copies from famous Film Bodyguard.

"Teri meri, meri teri" is a copied song buy himesh from foreign song Salman Khans
See the proof.

the original song:
Bollywood is pirated version of Foreign movies and content And they publicly Say
yes they r Copies even slman , So if copying is not wrong then why watching
pirated movies r wrong they too saying they copy (so it is same as pirated
versions of foreign movies) then what's wrong in watching pirated movies.
Watch pirated movies or u r fool.

Inflation to come down to 7% by March-end: Govt

“I expect around 7% (inflation) by March-end. It (current inflation) is too high from comfort level,” economic affairs secretary R Gopalan told reporters

New Delhi: Describing the present level of inflation as too high for comfort, the finance ministry today said it would come down to 7% by end-March 2012, reports PTI.

“I expect around 7% (inflation) by March-end. It (current inflation) is too high from comfort level,” economic affairs secretary R Gopalan told reporters here.

Overall inflation increased to 9.72% in September 2011 from 8.98% in the year-ago period, as prices of food and manufactured items continued to escalate.

However, general inflation, as measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI), was marginally lower than the 9.78% figure recorded for August.

The year-on-year rise in inflation has raised the prospects of another rate hike by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) later this month. The central bank has already hiked rates 12 times since March 2010 to tame inflation, which is hovering stubbornly near double-digit levels.

The RBI has already said that controlling inflation is its main priority and a change in its tight monetary policy stance would depend upon softening of prices.

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Indian Overseas Bank launches Student Card

IOB has launched ‘IOB–SB Student Card’

Indian Overseas Bank has launched co-branded IOB-SB Student Card. The card is a Visa credit card. Students from 16 years of age and above can apply for the card. The minimum balance requirement is Rs500 and the maximum amount is Rs50,000. The maximum balance restriction will be removed after the account holder attains 18 years of age.

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