Election Commission Is the 'Most Irresponsible Institution' in the Country, Should Be Put up on Murder Charges: Madras HC
Moneylife Digital Team/IANS 26 April 2021
Coming down heavily on the Election Commission (EC) by calling it as the 'the most irresponsible institution in the country', the Madras High Court on Monday said that officials of  EC should be tried for murder charges for their failure to stop abuse of COVID protocol in political rallies thereby contributing to the pandemic.
While hearing a plea moved by state transport minister MR Vijayabhaskhar, the bench of chief justice Sanjib Banerjee and justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy, said, "You (EC) are the only institution responsible for the situation we are in today and you have been singularly lacking any kind of exercise of authority. You have not taken measures against political parties holding rallies despite the court saying "Maintain Covid protocol, maintain Covid protocol."
It says, "Were you on another planet when political rallies were being held? Despite repeated orders of this court going on like a broken record at the foot of at least every election petition entertained that COVID protocol ought to be maintaining during the campaign time the significance of adhering to such protocol may have been lost on the Election Commission going by the puerile silence on the part of the Commission as campaigns and rallies were conducted without distancing norms being maintained and in wanton disregard of the other items of the protocol."
"We assure you that we will stop counting if we do not find before 2nd May a blueprint on how proper maintenance of Covid protocol is assured so that this state does not succumb to the idiosyncrasies any further," the bench observed.
The chief justice also observed that public health is of paramount importance and that it was distressing to remind constitutional authorities on the counting and possibilities of a further surge after 2nd May.
"...appropriate measures have to be adopted at every counting centre and it is upon...regular sanitisation, proper hygienic conditions, the mandatory wearing of masks and adherence to distancing norms should any counting begin or be continued," the bench said in its order.
The Tamil Nadu state transport minister had petitioned the court seeking direction to the EC, to follow a slew of measures in ensuring fairness during the counting of votes on 2nd May for Karur constituency where he had contested the elections as an AIADMK candidate. There were 77 candidates in fray at Karur constituency.
2 months ago
After whole news channels complained Amit Shah interviewed elections almost over now Court room Self Driven drama with NO END EC SC making Indians Jokers in Equalities of Constitutions getting them raped & ripped regularly Mahesh Bhatt Kirticorp
2 months ago
Madras High Court seems to have woken up from its slumber a bit late. It did not see the crowds when rallies were being organized by political parties. What stopped it from taking suo moto action when electioneering was being carried out in gross violation of Covid protocol? And by the way, corona virus has not been spreading only in election bound states. It has been spreading more rapidly in other states (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh) where no elections were held. Someone has to be held responsible for spread of virus in these states too. Whom will the Hon'ble court select to take the rap for spread of virus in these states?
Meenal Mamdani
2 months ago
Election Commission which was a beacon of integrity and speaking truth to power has become the handmaiden of the Executive.
Have all officials been cowed or bought by the Modi-Shah duo?
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