Duplicates Cleaner for Windows: Get Rid of Duplicate Files
Over a period of time, we tend to accumulate a lot of duplicate files on our computers. The duplicates not only hog our disk space but also reduce the speed of our access to our hard drive. 
Duplicates Cleaner does just what it says. It scans our hard disk and identifies all the duplicate files in a single folder or in multiple folders. You can then choose to quarantine the duplicates or just send them to the recycle bin directly. It is that simple!
To install Duplicates Cleaner, just go to the Microsoft store and search for Duplicates Cleaner. There are many out there, so look for the one with the icon displayed here. Click on get and it will be downloaded and installed on your system. Be sure to run through the settings to optimise cleaning the way you want it and you are good to go!
There is a free version and a paid version for advanced features. But, for most of the time, the free version has worked for me, so no need to go for the paid version.
Clean up and get lighter today!
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