DoYogaWithMe: Yoga at Your Own Pace & Style
This is an interesting website for those who would like to do yoga at their own pace and style. It is the Web’s best selection of high-quality, high-definition, 100% free, streaming yoga videos. It has HD (hi-definition) streaming videos which you can browse by style, difficulty level, length of time. You even have a choice of instructors—there are more than 15 instructors to choose from. Each one of the hundreds of videos is carefully made with trained instructors and is totally free.
The beginners’ section has simple asanas which any lay person can start with. You can graduate to more advanced sections as per your need and convenience. There are separate sections on poses, breathing exercises, meditation, each enough to keep you interested in continuing your quest for a healthy lifestyle!
The site remains free and is supported by subscriptions, donations, sale of DVDs and advertising. What a great way to learn and practice yoga—taught to us by foreigners!
sundararaman gopalakrishnan
7 years ago
Will be helpful in the website is mentioned
Karthikeyan parthasarathy
Replied to sundararaman gopalakrishnan comment 7 years ago
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