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Brand Connect Post 07 February 2020
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A personal loan is an unsecured loan, which means that you do not need to provide any collateral to borrow. Unlike other loans, a personal loan does not require you to keep any collateral or security with the lender. Banks and financial institutions can lend this loan at a lower interest rate, if you have a good credit score. Gone are the days when availing a loan was a painful task. Loads of documents, long approval and verification process, multiple visits, all of this made availing a loan a scary venture to take on. But these days, technology has made things easier. You can get an approved personal loan right at your fingertips. Do not wait for the right time, use a personal loan EMI calculator & apply online today with Indiabulls Dhani to forget about all your financial worries as you are in safe hands. With an instant personal loan, all your financial short comings get solved immediately.
Indiabulls Dhani is among the best personal loan providers in the market at present. Following are the Top benefits of availing an unsecured personal loan with Indiabulls Dhani:
1. Instant Loan Disbursal – money in 3 minutes!
Ever since the inception of banking, the process to apply for a personal loan has been a lengthy process followed with lots of stress, tension and time consumption. Instant Personal Loans are the solution to all the above issues. Once you fill in the required details in the Dhani app, your loan is processed, approved and disbursed into your bank account in almost 3 minutes! With Indiabulls Dhani get instant disbursals on loan amounts ranging from INR 500 to 15 lakhs.
2. Completely digital Loan Application Process – on Dhani App
Gone are the days of queuing up at bank and NBFC branches which bunch of documents to apply for a loan. With Indiabulls Dhani, the entire process is online – on Dhani app. From your loan application to the document verification and even loan disbursal is done online, making it an instant and hassle free process. Indiabulls Dhani customers are at ease because of the extremely simple and hassle-free documentation as there is no physical documentation required to opt for a personal loan which enables you to apply for a loan from anywhere and anytime with Indiabulls Dhani, available for your loan application 24x7.
3. The Most Rewarding Personal Loan in India – Earn cashback every month!
Indiabulls Dhani is the only loan providing company which enables its customers to earn rewards while they avail a personal loan. You have an opportunity to reduce your EMIs by earning Dhani points which gets converted into cash on every monthly installment payment in time. Dhani Points is the exclusive reward point program for Dhani customers, wherein each Dhani Point is equivalent to INR 1. This eventually helps you reduce your EMI cost. And this can be done by doing simple activities on Dhani App – Play Spin the Wheel, Mobile Recharge, Bill payments, Travel Bookings and use Dhani Pay RuPay digital card to shop at any online merchant. Moreover, every time you refer a friend to avail a Dhani personal loan, you can earn 250 Dhani points, which means you earn INR 250 for this referral helping you reduce your next EMI by the earned amount.
So we see customers earning cashback amount ranging from 250-500 every month, and thus effectively your loan becomes one of the cheapest in the market!
4. No Collateral Required
For Indiabulls Dhani personal loans, you don’t need to provide any collateral or any physical documents. Its hassle free and seamless. 
5. Use the Loan As Per Your Need
The personal loan availed from Indiabulls Dhani can be used to fulfil any of your financial needs. Buy a car, a two wheeler, plan your dream holiday, and fund your higher education or an unexpected medical emergency. Not just these you can use the same for your home renovation or even use it for debt consolidation. Be whatever your need, their personal loan has got you covered!
6. More money for all your future needs
Indiabulls Dhani is very popular with its customers as it provides additional funds for your future needs. Be it a new purchase or any emergency need for instant cash, an existing Indiabulls Dhani customer is offered a special benefit of Top-up loans and which one get instantly with just a few clicks on Dhani App. 
7. Flexible Tenures & Zero Pre-payment Charges
Indiabulls Dhani customers enjoy benefits like high disbursal loan on flexible tenure ranging from 3 months to 36 months. Many lenders impose a penalty if you try to prepay the loan before its tenure ends. This happens because the lender wants to make good of the revenue loss as the interest on the loan will not be paid. Indiabulls Dhani, on the other hand, does not impose any pre-payment charges for loans under Rs 20,000, if you want to repay your loan before the tenure. Further to this, every timely EMI repaid by you enables you to get better loan eligibility on your next pre-approved Dhani loan 
Apart from these, Indiabulls Dhani customers enjoy added benefits from their personal loan app. The Dhani App has many more exciting benefits than one can avail in addition to availing a quick personal loan. In addition to a personal loan you can avail a Pre-Approved credit line facility with minimum documentation, which allows you to shop now and pay later! You also have an added Credit facility with by availing Platinum RuPay card which allows paying online or at more than 30 lakhs+ merchants across India to buy products and utilities & pay later.
So you get much more than just a personal loan when you apply for one with Indiabulls Dhani. Now avail a personal loan and Do More with Dhani through their personal loan app and easily manage your personal finances.
3 years ago
I have topup loan but app is not working please help me
3 years ago
App is making us fool, No Customer care number is not at all Working, always saying Covid 19.
3 years ago
All FALSE News they are giving as in the app nothing is Working.
4 years ago
I download the app in March 2020 and process all the formation and they the lone amout of 20000 in 3 he but they did transfer that amount to my Bank till now and even this people without transfer amount to my bank account started cuting emi it ll show in app only
4 years ago
Any one required personal loan contect me 9217170008
Replied to ramjeet.bathinda comment 3 years ago
My cibil is 650 can I get personal loan
Replied to ramjeet.bathinda comment 4 years ago
Good morning sir, iam trying last 4 months but iam not getting loan and iam not having any loan in banks but I didn't get ,why I don't know ,so can u please help me
4 years ago
Like i took a loan from Dhani and the process is quick and all this through my phone
4 years ago
Online loans without proper biometric authentication will be prone to frauds and harassment of individuals whose papers are forged. Easy loans cannot dilute strong verification process. Else, it will be a nightmare for all.
4 years ago
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