DND: Cut Out the Spam Messages
Who loves spam? Whether it is in the form of SMS or phone calls. We all hate spam and we all get spam. There are ways of blocking spam and each operator has various methods to enable DND (do not disturb) on your phone.
TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has come up with a wonderful app called—DND. It allows you to register for DND with your operator/service-provider, to avoid unsolicited commercial communication (UCC)/telemarketing calls / SMSs. It’s a simple process which not only blocks spam but also allows specific transactional messages to come through; for example,  you can allow banking (or several other category) messages to come through. 
Apart from allowing you to activate DND on your phone, the app also helps you file complaints for any message that may slip through and follow through on your complaint. This is a must-have app on all mobile phones in
Arnavaz m. Havewala
3 years ago
So what's new? DND has been there and available to cellphone users since many years.
This is nothing new or innovative.
Why is Moneylife putting a post about such an old application / service which has been in existence for so many years, now on its website as if its a brand new discovery?
Really--- I am shocked.
Anindya Bhattacharya
3 years ago
Thank you. Is it available for iOS platform also?
3 years ago
Necessary info.
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