Diffchecker.com: Compare Documents in Real-time Quickly
This website gives you the best tools for comparing text, images, files and folders. It allows you to compare various types of content on your desktop or directly on your browser.
You can compare text, images, PDFs, spreadsheets and even entire folders. You can edit files as you go and watch Diffchecker compute the differences in real time. You may select, move and merge sections of your documents to compare the differences. You can also save computer differences as PDF files and download them to your computer.
The basic function is available free and, for advanced functionality, you need to pay a small price. A free trial for a limited period is also available to try it out and you may proceed to buy, once you are convinced. 
Excellent for lawyers and professionals to compare documents in real-time, expeditiously.
8 months ago
I use both diffcheck.net for text stuff and diffchecker.com for checking out code differences.
1 year ago
Any file directory manager basic where you can manage files by creating directory. Solid explr free for 14 days only.
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