Develop Good Habits: Transform Your Lives
This is a great website which helps you develop good habits for a better life—one habit at a time. As per the creator, SJ Scott: “What passes for personal development these days, has very little real-world application… the only way to improve yourself is to set achievable goals and develop daily habits that move you towards these outcomes.” Successful people follow set routines that make them big achievers. Their habits separate them from everyone else!
Topics include: 30-day habit challenges, fitness habits, 10 bad morning habits to stop, healthy habits, keystone habits and lots more.
This website is a must for all those who wish to create major life-changes in their own lives. You will learn how to ‘test drive’ new habits and see if they are right for you, how to understand the principles of ‘willpower’ and how to implement habit-routines for being successful in your daily lives. A very interesting and useful website for all those who want to make a transformation in their own lives!
sreeram pv
2 years ago
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