Designrr: Create eBooks Easily
Designrr converts your content into eBooks for PDF, Facebook, Kindle and iBooks. It removes two of the biggest hurdles with creating an eBook—writing content and designing the eBook. You can create, edit and launch your professional eBooks in minutes with this elegant tool.
Designrr creates a beautifully designed eBook right from your website, blog, Word document, PDF, Google Docs and more. You can save yourself hours of re-writing from scratch. And there is no need to waste time, searching for designers and design tools. It works in four simple steps: 
1. Import content from a source of your choice—online or offline. In case of online content, you just need to copy-paste the source URL. 
2. Choose a template from hundreds of templates covering every niche / business and customise it to your requirement.
3. The design editor allows you to change anything in the eBook quickly and easily—you can edit text, import additional documents and preview all the changes.
4. Once all this is done, you can just click on Publish and your beautiful eBook is ready. You also have options for PDF and Flipbook in-built which enhance the utility and usability of your eBook.
You also have access to millions of royalty-free images, image editor, table of contents & page numbering creator and many more exciting features.
So, if you are thinking of creating an eBook quickly and elegantly, look no further—just head to
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