Sign Electronically
You can dump your paper signatures now. Cudasign allows you to electronically sign online in just three easy steps.
  1. Upload any document (Word, pdf or Rich Text) and mark who has to sign and where, using a drag and drop.
  2. Signers receive an email with a link to the document which they can click and sign at the appropriate place, with their digital signature.
  3. The recipient just digitally signs the document and exits in a few seconds. It is then routed to the next signatory as defined by the originator of the document. At the end of the cycle, the originator gets a confirmation that all signatures are complete.

You can create templates for standard documents which can be used again and again. It also provides an audit log—a history of the document and you can track the current status of a document online. The app support allows signatures from Android and iPhones too and in many countries, it is legally acceptable. In short, it allows you to cut document turnaround time by 90% at a fraction of the cost. Go for it! 
Dr. Rakesh Goyal
8 years ago
Unless a document is signed using Digital Signature (using PKI technology), issued by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA), who is duly licensed by CCA, Min of IT, GoI, it is not legally admissible in India. These type of portals such as Cudasign, Signnow, Docusign may not have legal validity in India for the signed documents u/s 3, 4 and 5 of IT Act.
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