Credit Sudhaar asking Rs16,000 a year for restoring 'credit'?
Moneylife Digital Team 14 June 2013

Credit Sudhaar, a non-specified user entity is sending mails to people whose loans have been rejected. It not only claims to enhance and protect but also 'restore' credit of individuals for a yearly fee of Rs16,000. However, the firm has no answer about how it could do the job

Is Credit Sudhaar, a firm set up by former bankers Gaurav Wadhwani and Arun Ramamurthy,  again misleading people through tall claims in a mail campaign? ( ) Its inability to answer Moneylife’s queries about its claims would suggest it is the case. Earlier too the firm had claimed to have a tie up with Credit Information Bureau (India) or CIBIL and was offering credit advisory services at CIBIL Market Place. Till today, both Credit Sudhaar and CIBIL have kept mum about their ‘strange’ collaboration. But more about it later.


Meanwhile, at an open house with Dr KC Chakrabarty, deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) an inmate claimed that when CIBIL sends a defaulter report, that person also gets an SMS from Credit Sudhaar, suggesting a partnership. 


In the recent email campaign, Credit Sudhaar is asking people to become its members by paying an annual fee of Rs16,000 (earlier it used to ask Rs10,000 for the same job at CIBIL Market Place). It claims with this kind of membership fees, one can “restore, enhance and protect” one’s credit! Here is what Credit Sudhaar claims to provide in lieu of the Rs16,000...

When we asked Mr Wadhwani and Mr Ramamurthy to explain, how exactly this works, they avoided providing answers. Instead, Mr Ramamurthy, forwarded our mail to their PR agency, which, sought a week to reply. When we requested the agency for answers, T (Talari) Anand Mahesh, managing director of Mavcomm Consulting Pvt Ltd (the PR agency) cautioned us against publishing any content pertaining to Credit Sudhaar without receiving a suitable response by the authorised persons or directors.


“If you choose to go ahead, you and your company shall do so at your own peril and costs,” Mr Talari said.


Here are the questions we asked to Credit Sudhaar...


1.   As mentioned in our stories (Credit scores are a big zero and ), not all credit bureaus in India are providing detailed CIR or credit scores to individuals (due to lack of data). So how "Multibureau Analysis of CIBIL, EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN Credit Reports" works?

2.   As per our information and understanding, there is no training facility or institute for credit counsellors in India. How and from where your counsellors are trained and received certification?

3.   Is the National Association of Certified Credit Counsellors (NACCC) accreditation recognised or accepted in India? If yes, then can you please tell us names of the entities who recognise or accept this accreditation in India?

4.   Your mailer claims to provide "error tracking and reconciliation". Can you please explain what exactly does one (and how) reconcile a credit report?


Till writing the story, neither Mr Wadhwani and Mr Ramamurthy nor Mr Talari has provided any answers. We will incorporate their answers as and when we receive it.


Coming back to Credit Sudhaar's earlier tall claims, there is still no word from CIBIL on this strange partnership. Earlier, in an email, CIBIL had said, “It is important to note that to access CIBIL Market Place, consumers access their own credit report and score. The service is available to the consumer if he chooses to avail of it and not otherwise. This approach works well for consumers who have good credit health but is not effective for consumers who do not. Consumers who are in a debt trap and not financially literate are not able to identify assistance easily if they need it.”


Surprisingly, at that time Credit Sudhaar sent us a screen grab of the CIBIL Market Place . The images showed Credit Sudhaar as the only entity providing any service to customers at CIBIL Market Place.


Moneylife then pointed out to CIBIL that Credit Sudhaar was neither registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a non-banking finance company (NBFC) nor it was a specified user entity of the credit bureau and was still accessing credit records of crores of individuals.


Credit Sudhaar is just a specific services provider. CIBIL was allowing credit institutions and others to sell their loan products or other services on its Market Place. Credit Sudhaar was only registered on Market Place to offer “credit advisory” service for which the charges were Rs10,000 (it was mentioned as processing fees).


In an email reply, the firm had said, “Credit Sudhaar is associated with both Safe Capital and Dipran. Both Safe Capital and Dipran are members of CIBIL”. This also means, Credit Sudhaar may be using either Safe Capital or Dipran’s login credentials to access the CIBIL database, especially the portfolio review, which gives complete details of an individual.


CIBIL replied, saying, "With specific reference to the suggested misuse of benefits by certain of our Members, we are investigating the same and will take appropriate action." There is still no word from CIBIL on the investigation.

4 years ago

From my personal experience i would suggest not to enroll for their services. Refer details below you will get an idea how they work.

I didn't expect this kind of service from you and your team.

Incase of your absence the account needs to be taken care off by someone else from your team or atleast your Supervisor can have a look into the account for query response. But there is no revert from your supervisor as well.

This was the reason earlier i had put the payment on hold as i was not getting the proper services / response from your team despite of enrolling for services. When whenever i had called for any assistance i have been told that we will get back to you but there is no timely revert.

If your team provides such kind of services then, how come you expect a person to make the payment to you. Despite of making payments 2 months back the data on the wall is not yet updated

As per my last discussion with you and your team, I have been told that once i make the outstanding payment ( balance 2 EMI ), we will provide you the extension of services for 2 months, however there is no response from your side. Also, there is no update on the wall with regards to the balance payment and score update.

People come to you for assistance regarding their credit score improvement and get rid of the outstanding loan / credit card amount. But your team creates more problem for the people, by getting the services enrolled. They loose their money and also they get frustrated in following up with you as well for the support, which hardly happens from your team. I have personally experienced this since 2015. Your team had not provided a proper support despite of paying more than Rs. 25,000/- for the services which was part of my agreed plan.

All members from your team are same. No one takes the ownership to get the issue resolved.

Below are the people whom i had been following up with.

1. Fatima N
2. Venkatesh Asir Nadar
3. [email protected]
4. [email protected]

Also, i have personally visited their office but still you guys are not taking a ownership to resolve the issue.

I have not seen such a pathetic service from any agency. You should change the company name from CREDIT SUDHAAR to CREDIT BIGAD which is suitable as per the way guys work.
V Kumar
4 years ago
I personally say one thing, Credit Sudhaar has nothing to do with Cibil. They are just fraudsters who are collecting money from people who are trying to make their Cibil good.
Miteysh H Shah
Replied to V Kumar comment 4 years ago
Why don't we file complain together?
venkateshwar rao
5 years ago
I faced same situation where I interacted Mr. Nikhil a manager and Suchitra who used to tell to clear my CIBIL score. I paid nearly Rs 70000 to the banks as per their advice and there is no improvement in score and updation in CIBIL. When I contacted them suchitra says she has resigned and Nikhil says that is not his duty to see to update in CIBIL. These fellows simply cheating people saying one thing before the payment and do nothing after payment.
Miteysh H Shah
5 years ago
Yes this article has point. Me too has been cheated. credit sudhar person Dipesh Gawas promises to resolve my problems & for ₹39000 & also improve my scores.
After payment done, he stopped replying my calls & emails. Than priyanka came till call confirmation stage & than she also disappeared.
Now 3 months passed, nothing moved further so I asked for refund. New person mr. Amol talking to me, said money is non refundable, we are just advisory company.
I sent lots of emails to Dipesh because he promised me after long discussion, but not a single reply from him.

Victims here, interested in gathering & going to there office?
V Kumar
Replied to Miteysh H Shah comment 4 years ago
I personally say, Directly approach nearest police station and file an FIR, then the So-called Company Directors, and MD, CEO will come to you and let the world know what the hell the Credit Sudhaar is.
pavan kusu
Replied to Miteysh H Shah comment 4 years ago
Yes I am interested to come
Miteysh H Shah
Replied to pavan kusu comment 4 years ago
Ps call 9099808960 ,
sourabh panigrahi
5 years ago
they have asked and i have deposited 17000 rupess for plus loan to repair my cibil but now they are not picking up the calls not disburseing the plus loan i think i have been cheated and my hard earned 17000 is gone please help me what should i do
Miteysh H Shah
Replied to sourabh panigrahi comment 5 years ago
We all victims should go together at credit sudhar office for this.
Sucheta Dalal
Replied to sourabh panigrahi comment 5 years ago
You can waste money or look for other options that are free. Why dont you check out

Ajaya Kumar vaidyan
5 years ago
it is waste of money and do not go for it is nothing but waisting time
pl instead go directly to negotiate and close the issue. the company cheeting
cyril jobs
5 years ago
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Sucheta Dalal
Replied to cyril jobs comment 5 years ago
please make the effort to check this it is free
CR Banzarey
5 years ago has been asking continuously for Rs 19-20 thousand to repair my credit information report, which has negative score according to [email protected] What is the fact?
Mr Akshay has been saying that he will repair my CIR and credit score, and get my BT resolved. But he wants thousands of rupees to do it.
Sucheta Dalal
Replied to CR Banzarey comment 5 years ago
As far as we know, there is no FREE lunch. The process of repairing credit is slow and requires you to work at it. check out
6 years ago
i am agree, with above information. Credit sudhaar simply making fool others. i also paid amount 14000/- but no result even they spoiled my certain track record. even the staff also misguiding . my counseller is Mr.amoul and the sales person Mr.Yesh Parik they never respond or never picked up calls.lots of things. request to the others please don't waste your time and money .
Shashi Mishra
6 years ago
Worst service. Don’t ever trust on them as they will give fake promises and later on turn out. Initially they will tell you that they will improve your cibil and get the black marked things out from your record, but once you will pay them huge amount their promises get vanished. Don’t trust them they are fraud.
Vinay Kadalagi
6 years ago
Credit sudhar is a purely a scam. Do not believe the credit scores they show on their website. My current score is 783 but on their website it is still 550. They mislead people to earn money. Better rectify your issues on your own, it will take time but not impossible.
Harjeet Matharu
6 years ago

I might be the most disappointed customer of the Credit Sudhaar services and certainly would not recommend this to anybody. I had doubt about your company and its services even prior to the subscription per the reviews available on multiple webpages and blogs. I still took a leap of faith and went ahead with services but Credit Sudhaar proved me wrong. Every time I experienced disappointment from a new person at Credit Sudhaar.

Let me tell you my story of grievance now. On May 27th, 2016 Usha was the first lady to call and convinced me for the subscription. That was the day when I made a blunder of joining with Credit Sudhaar services.

As soon I paid for the services my case was assigned to Pooja Raut, unexpectedly she left the case only just after 3-4 days. Nobody followed up on the case up-to a week and when I called myself at the customer care and asked for her, I was surprised to know that she had left the organization. I was promised the case will be taken care of and a new counsellor will be assigned to my case soon.

Then waiting for about 3-4 days, I received a call from Veena on 5th June, 2016. I already had enough dissatisfying experience from Credit Sudhaar that I told her just to drop the case and requested for a full refund. She then assured me that it won’t happen again and urged to give a last chance to Credit Sudhaar to convert the bad experience to a good one. She had been good in following up on regular basis but the resolution outcome was least.

On Aug 5th, 2016 I received the last response from her and she also left the case in between.

Again, in shock I called the helpline and got to know that she has been moved to a different dept. and a new counsellor will be assigned to the case soon.

Now, at this point you can understand the level of frustration I had. Then after 44 days on Sep 19th, 2016 I received an email from Gilbert Benjamin, who introduced himself as a new counselor for my case. In deep pain, I told him my whole concern that how I have been struggling to find a solution for my problem and every month the case is passed on to a new person. I was assured by him that the case will now be taken care on a personal note and this will not be repeated. I know that man as the most dedicated and helpful to understand and empathize my concern. He put himself into my shoes and understood the pain. He genuinely followed up on the case. I received last response from him on Oct 12th, 2016 and then all of a sudden he disappeared. I wrote him a few emails to contact me but got no response. Waited for more than a month but nobody from Credit Sudhaar followed up.

Then once again a new email comes Credit Sudhaar on Nov 21st, 2016. Rahul Sharma expressed himself as a newly appointed person for my case and again the same reason was given to me that last person has been moved to a different dept. and no longer available to follow up on the case. I upfront refused him to follow up since I can’t bear this anymore. His manager Kaynat called me today and asked to write an email to withdraw the case and get the refund.

Currently, I am so pissed off with your services. I earn by doing hard work and paid Rs. 5724/- towards my CIBIL score improvement and not for this mental harassment. I have been experiencing nothing but disappointment from Credit Sudhaar and you have hardly contributed to improve my score. This is a setback for me and I feel like cheated by every person of yours. I don’t need any further support from Credit Sudhaar. Since it was promised to me by Veena if we fail to provide a solution you are worthy of a full refund. Now, because all of this pain I ask Credit Sudhaar to refund full amount paid towards the services back to my account ASAP.

Miteysh H Shah
Replied to Harjeet Matharu comment 5 years ago
Victims are going together at credit sudhar office, anyone here would like to join ?
Yash Batra
Replied to Miteysh H Shah comment 4 years ago
I m ready
Miteysh H Shah
Replied to Yash Batra comment 4 years ago
Call me 9099808960
Sucheta Dalal
Replied to Harjeet Matharu comment 6 years ago
We request you to check out the work at Moneylife Foundation, a not for profit organisation. At our Daily Clinics on Friday, between 5 pm and 7 pm we have a senior banker devoting time to help individuals like you sort our their problems. This guidance is provided FREE. There are no strings attached. Nor is there any attempt to sell you any product or service. We are surprised that more people do not take advantage of this instead of spending money on paid services.
You must however remember that our counsellors will offer advice, guidance and hand-holding. You will have to do the work yourself. But then, it is your life, your credit history and your financial life at stake. You must invest the time in sorting it out.
While you are on the website, do look under EVENTS and watch some videos on credit scores and credit related issues. Those are also FREE and will help you make your future financial life problem free.
Kishan Makwana
Replied to Sucheta Dalal comment 5 years ago
8 years ago
shall i get personal loan from
credit suddhar
Replied to R.Mekala comment 7 years ago
Dear Sir/Madam,

Credit Sudhaar will first help you to check your credit score and if its healthy only then they will recommend you to go for a loan. If the score is low below the minimum required limit they will help you to increase it and make you eligible for a loan. I would advise you to go for a loan via credit sudhaar.
Replied to R.Mekala comment 7 years ago
Dear Sir/Madam,

Credit Sudhaar will first help you to check your credit score and if its healthy only then they will recommend you to go for a loan. If the score is low below the minimum required limit they will help you to increase it and make you eligible for a loan. I would advise you to go for a loan via credit sudhaar.
8 years ago
hi all ,

i have got best service from credit sudhaar
My Cibil score has been rectified really appreciating and highly recommended
Anand Pagare
8 years ago
Yes, it seems all they are cheater they.. How can they ask for money payment to increase the credit- sudhar, this is not the correct way. There is something need to by New Government..

Where is Acche Din? for the peoples who are suffering due to low credit score?

This policy should be in Aam Adamin favor only.

Who can able to take responsibility?
Free Helpline
Legal Credit